Conformation of Biopolymers

Conformation of Biopolymers

Papers Read at an International Symposium Held at the University of Madras, 18-21 January 1967

1st Edition - January 1, 1967

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  • Editor: G. N. Ramachandran
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483272832

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Conformation of Biopolymers, Volume 2 provides information pertinent to proteins, polypeptides, and polysaccharides. This book discusses the development in the studies on collagen and related polypeptides. Organized into three parts encompassing 24 chapters, this volume begins with an overview of the structure of polyglycine II with chains running in opposite directions as indicated by the existence of lamellar crystals in electron microscopy. This text then explores the capability of various polypeptides to form the collagen fold. Other chapters consider the effect of pyrrolidine residues on the helix–coil transitions of different native collagens and cross-linked single chain gelatins. This book discusses as well the results of hydrodynamic experiments on native amylose. The final chapter deals with X-ray and electron microscope studies, which are described for two principal types of chitin–protein complex found in insect cuticles. This book is a valuable resource for physicists, biophysicists, crystallographers, and research workers.

Table of Contents

  • Proteins and Polypeptides

    E. Studies on collagen and related polypeptides

    Structure of Polyglycine II with Direct and Inverted Chains

    Infrared Studies of C—H.. . 0 = C Hydrogen Bonding in Polyglycine II

    Some X-ray Studies Concerning the Influence of Solvents on Polypeptide Structures

    Polypeptides with Regular Sequences of Amino Acids as the Models of Collagen Structure

    Conformational Transitions of Poly-L-proline and Poly-(L-prolyl-Glycyl-L-proline)

    Direct Solvent-Polypeptide Interactions and their Influence on Polypeptide Conformation

    Pyrrolidine Residues and the Stability of Collagen

    Conformational Changes and the Collagen Molecule

    The Biomolecular Structure of Collagen in Hormone-treated Connective Tissue

    F. Miscellaneous

    Far Infrared Spectra, Chain Vibrations and Conformations of Polypeptides

    Electron-diffraction Studies of Synthetic Polypeptides

    Conformational Studies of Histones and Nucleohistones

    Hydrogen Bonds Involving Sulphur

    Differential Thermal Analysis Applied to Polypeptides

    The Study of Some Fibrous Proteins by Differential Thermal Analysis

    Nucleic Acids

    Stereochemistry of Nucleic Acids and Polynucleotides—I. Theoretical Determination of the Allowed Conformations of the Monomer Unit

    Flowdichroic Spectra of Polyadenylic Acid at a Region of Trans-conformation

    Conformational Changes in Denatured DNA

    Helical Complexes of Poly-L-lysine and Nucleic Acids

    Single-strand Breaks, Strand Exchanges and Mutations in Nucleic Acid Replication


    X-Ray Structure of Poly-ß-hydroxybutyrate

    Conformational Studies of Amylose

    The Hydrodynamic Behaviour of Native Amylose

    Conformation in Chitin-Protein Complexes

    Subject Index

    Contents of Volume 1

    List of Contributors


    Presidential Address—Molecular Structure of Proteins

    Proteins and Polypeptides

    A. X-Ray diffraction and stereochemical studies

    A Report on the Recent Calculations on Rhombohedral Insulin Crystals Containing Lead

    A Low-resolution Crystallographic Study of Ribonuclease

    Chemical Modification of Proteins for X-Ray Investigation

    Calculations of Polypeptide Structure from Amino Acid Sequence

    A Study of the Conformation of Amino Acids

    Stereochemistry of Polypeptide Chains—Comparison of Different Potential Functions

    B. Optical rotation studies

    Optical Rotation and Conformation: Studies on Diamide Models

    The Optical Activity of the Disulfide Bond in Some Cystine-containing Cyclic Peptides and Synthetic Polypeptides

    Optical Properties of Cyclic Peptides—Prototypic Helix Systems

    Optical Activity of the α, ß and Coiled Conformation in Polypeptides and Proteins

    Application of Circular Dichroism and Infrared Spectroscopy to the Conformation of Proteins in Solution

    Optical Activity and Conformation of Escherichia coli Ribosomes and their constituents

    C. Chemical studies

    Intramolecular Crosslinking of the Sulphydryl Groups of Reduced Ribonuclease by Mercuric Ions

    Interactions of ß-Lactoglobulin with Large Organic Ions

    The Relation of Immunological Activity and Primary Structure in Cytochrome c

    Substrate-Enzyme Conformational Relationships of Glutamine Synthetase

    Structural Alterations of Enzyme Ribonuclease-A in Aqueous Solution of Acidic and Alkaline pH Regions

    Studies on the Structural Requirements of the Substrate of Protein Kinase

    A Fluorescent Probe at the Active Site of α-Chymotrypsin

    D. Statistical mechanical studies

    Configurational Statistics of Polypeptide Chains

    Statistical Mechanics of Protein-Ligand Interactions Associated with Conformational Changes

    The Co-operativity of Helix-Coil Transitions in Polypeptide Chains

    Macromolecular Cooperative Phenomena

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  • No. of pages: 368
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Academic Press 1967
  • Published: January 1, 1967
  • Imprint: Academic Press
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483272832

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