One of the challenges of administering and supporting Microsoft® Outlook 2003 is that it stores settings in so many different places - in the Windows registry, as files in the user’s profile folders, and in the information store itself. Configuring Microsoft® Outlook 2003 pulls together in one volume the information that administrators in organizations of all sizes need to understand, deploy, and manage settings for Microsoft Outlook 2003. It covers configuration issues for environments where Microsoft Exchange is the mail server and also for those using IMAP4 or POP3. The book gives special attention to security issues, including recommended configuration of Outlook’s built-in security features and methods for locking down Outlook with Group Policy Objects and other techniques.

Key Features

Readers will learn how to: * Configure the new Cached Exchange mode and RPC over HTTP connections in Outlook 2003 * Discover undocumented settings for Microsoft Exchange Server and use them to deploy or modify Outlook mail profiles * Migrate both user data and settings to a new machine * Use tools such as MFCMAPI and Outlook Spy to explore Outlook's data and settings * Configure an archive .pst file in the new Unicode format that supports up to 20GB of data * Use scripts to handle challenging configuration tasks such as granting Reviewer access to a Calendar folder, or adding a second Exchange mailbox to an Outlook profile


(PRIMARY): This book is aimed at network administrators, particularly those charged with deploying and maintaining a company’s installation of the Microsoft Outlook email client. (SECONDARY): The secondary audience would include network help desks and Exchange Server trainers.

Table of Contents

Contents Introduction Acknowledgments 1 Outlook Data and Settings Locations 2 Outlook Configuration Techniques 3 Configuring Outlook Mail Profiles 4 Advanced .prf File Usage 5 Exchange Account Configuration 6 Locking Down Outlook 7 Managing the Outlook Security Settings Folder 8 Special Configuration Scenarios 9 Configuring Other Outlook Options Appendix A: Outlook 2003 Policy Settings Appendix B: Additional Outlook Registry Settings Appendix C: Disabling Menu and Toolbar Commands and Shortcut Keys Appendix D: Other Resources


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