Concise Encyclopedia of Sociolinguistics - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780080437262, 9780080502700

Concise Encyclopedia of Sociolinguistics

1st Edition

Editors: R. Mesthrie
Hardcover ISBN: 9780080437262
eBook ISBN: 9780080502700
Imprint: Pergamon
Published Date: 20th December 2001
Page Count: 1060
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This is the ninth in the acclaimed series of spinoff volumes based on the outstanding Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics. It comprises 285 articles of which 80 are short biographical entries. 50 of the biographies and 42 other articles are entirely new, while the remaining entries are suitably revised and updated from ELL. This work provides uniquely comprehensive and authoritative information on all aspects of sociolinguistics.


For departmental libraries, academics, and students in linguistics departments, and in neighbouring disciplines such as applied linguistics and education; anthropology; English language; literary studies; gender studies; sociology; and social psychology.

Table of Contents

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Foundations of Society and Language. Anthropological linguistics (E. Keating). Attitudes and behavior (W.S. Bainbridge). Bilingualism, individual (F. Grosjean). Bilingualism, societal (M.H.A. Blanc). Communication (K.L. Berge). Communicative competence (A. Duranti). Ecology of language (J.M.Y. Simpson). Language (J.M.Y. Simpson). Language as a social reality (T. Pateman). Language in society: overview (M.L. Apte). Multiculturalism and language (J.R. Edwards). Pragmatics and sociolinguistics (J.L. Mey). Prescriptive and descriptive grammar (C. Cullen). Role theory (R.H. Turner). Sapir-Whorf hypothesis (O. Werner). Saussurean tradition and sociolinguistics (J.E. Joseph). Social psychology (W.S. Bainbridge). Socialization (C.B. Cazden). Sociolinguistics of sign language (C. Lucas). Sociology of language (W.S. Bainbridge). Speech community (B.B. Kachru). Language and Interaction. Antilanguage (P.A. Chilton). Audience design (A. Bell). Conversation analysis (P. Drew). Conversational maxims (J. Thomas). Cooperative principle (J. Thomas). Deaf community: structures and interaction (J.G. Kyle). Dialogism (T.A. Marshall). Discourse (A. Mchoul). Discourse in cross-linguistic and cross-cultural contexts (M. Clyne). Doctor-patient language (M. Lacoste). Ethnography of speaking (G. Philipsen). Ethnomethodology (G. Psathas). Identity and language (R. Mesthrie, A. Tabouret-Keller). Kinesics (A. Kendon). Kinship terminology (E.L. Schusky). Language in the workplace (B. Holmqvist, P.B. Andersen). Narrative, natural (M. Toolan). Phatic communion (D. Abercrombie). Politeness (G. Kasper). Speech accommodation (H. Giles). Speech act theory: overview (K. Allan). Language Variation: Style, Situation, Function. Advertising (M.L. Geis). Blessings (B.G. Szuchewycz).


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About the Editor

R. Mesthrie

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Cape Town, South Africa


@from:Bill Bright, ex editor, Language in Society @qu:Mesthrie's outline is well thought out, and he is a sound scholar. ... a volume that meets high scholarly standards, and will be of great usefulness to readers seeking a reference book in sociolinguistics. @source: @from:Suzanne Romaine, University of Oxford @qu:From 'accent' to 'vernacular', the Concise Encyclopedia of Sociolinguistics covers key areas of concern in this fascinating and growing field. Mesthrie has assembled a team of leading experts to author entries organized around the main themes of the discipline: Variation and Change, Culture, Power and Ideology, Language Contact, Social Interaction, Research Methods, and Applications of Sociolinguistics. A guide to institutions and resources, including a critical survey of journals and profiles of some of the sociolinguists who have shaped the discipline, rounds out the volume. Beginners and experts alike will find it an indispensable foundation. @source: @from:William Labov, University of Pennsylvania @qu:Here is the broad and comprehensive view of sociolinguistics that will satisfy the most curious and inquiring mind. The technical topics are covered with solid competence, while the general issues are reviewed with a rewarding thoughtfulness. The editor is to be congratulated! @source: @from:Patricia Donaher, Missouri Western State College @qu:My first reaction upon skimming the text was "WOW!," a reaction that has not diminished with further acquaintance¿.. The "Concise Encyclopedia of Sociolinguistics" is an impressive volume and its Editor, Rajend Mesthrie, has provided both the general reader of linguistics and the serious researcher a well written, well researched overview of this subfield of linguistics. Read this review at @source: