Computer Aided Design of Multivariable Technological Systems - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780080293578, 9781483146881

Computer Aided Design of Multivariable Technological Systems

1st Edition

Proceedings of the Second IFAC Symposium West Lafayette, Indiana, USA, 15-17 September 1982

Editors: G. G. Leininger
eBook ISBN: 9781483146881
Imprint: Pergamon
Published Date: 1st January 1983
Page Count: 714
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Computer Aided Design of Multivariable Technological Systems covers the proceedings of the Second International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC). The book reviews papers that discuss topics about the use of Computer Aided Design (CAD) in designing multivariable system, such as theoretical issues, applications, and implementations. The book tackles several topics relevant to the use of CAD in designing multivariable systems. Topics include quasi-classical approach to multivariable feedback system designs; fuzzy control for multivariable systems; root loci with multiple gain parameters; multivariable frequency domain stability criteria; and computational algorithms for pole assignment in linear multivariable systems. The text will be of great use to professionals whose work involves designing and implementing multivariable systems.

Table of Contents

Plenary Session I

Unmanned Engineering

Session WA1 - Robotics

Recursive Lagrangian Dynamics of Flexible Manipulator Arms via Transformation Matrices

A Linear Algebra Approach to the Analysis of Rigid Body Motion from Position and Velocity Data

Advanced Intelligent Control for Trainable Manipulators

Pole Placement Self-tuning Control of Manipulators

Computer Aided Design of a Microcomputer-Based Coordinated Control System of Upper Arm Prosthesis

Session WA2 - Multivariable Systems I

A Quasi-Classical Approach to Multivariable Feedback Systems Design

Fuzzy Control for Multivariable Systems

High-Gain Error-Actuated Controllers for Linear Multivariable Plants with Explicit Actuator Dynamics

Root Loci with Multiple Gain Parameter

Multivariable Frequency Domain Stability Criteria

Session WA3 - Pole Placement

Computational Algorithms for Pole Assignment in Linear Multivariable Systems

A Continuation Approach to Global Eigenvalue Assignment

Computer Aided Pole Placement for the Design of Robust Control Systems

Multivariable Digital Decoupling Control System Design Using Output Feedback

Numerical Stability of an Algorithm for Pole Assignment

Session WA4 - CAD Packages I

ORACLS: A Linear-Quadratic-Gaussian Computer Aided Design Package

The Federated Computer Aided Control Design System

MATRIXX: A Data Analysis, System Identification, Control Design and Simulation Program

An Interactive Computer Graphics Package for Linear Multivariable System Design

Software Design Tools for Multivariable Control Problems

Session WP1 - Multivariable Systems II

Sensitivity of the Characteristic Gain Loci

Kronecker Decompositions of Linear Systems as a Foundation for Stable Minimization Algorithms

The Application of High Order Harmonic Approximants in the Analysis of Multiloop Feedback Systems

Computer Aided Design of Optimal Decentralized Controllers under Control Path Constraints

Controller Design for Linear Multivariable Feedback Systems with Stable Plants, Using Optimization with Inequality Constraints

Constructing (A,B)-Invariant and Controllability Subspaces of Systems by Elementary Transformation

CAD of Control Systems with Transients Limited by the Admissible Region

Session WP2 - CAD Perspectives

A Pragmatic Approach to the Development of Advanced Control Technology Software

A Methodology and Associated CAD Tools for the Design of Real-Time Control Systems

On Knowledge Based Design for Plant Control Systems—Representation of Knowledge by Frame Structure

Graphical Input Facilities for Computer Aided Control System Design

Interactive System Analysis and System Design Using Simulation and Optimization

Interactive Computer Graphics for Network Analysis and Design

On Using the Computer to Teach the Use of Computer Programs

Interactive System for Education and Research in Control Systems Design

Session WP3 - Computer Systems

A System to Automatically Analyze Assembled Programs from Machine Description

Data Structures for Computer Aided Design of Multivariable Control Systems

A Software Method for Implementation of Multiple Output Combinational Functions

Computer Aided Design of Real Time Control Systems Including Multi-Microcomputers

Computer Aided Design of Control System on Mini Computers Using the L-A-S Language

An Exchange Protocol for Continuous Speech Recognition and Synthesis System

A New Technique for PC Layout Digitization

Session WP4 - Applications I

An Investigation Into the Dynamics and Control of a Liquid Heat Exchanger

Design of a Control Scheme for a Catalytic Fixed-Bed Reactor

Computer Aided Multivariable Control, Application to a Metallurgical Heat Treating Furnace

Computer Aided Design and Optimization of Gas Distribution Networks

Computer Aided Determination of Model Structure for Thrombus Kinetics

Digital Simulation of the DOE/NASA 100 kW Wind Turbine Generator Connected to Power Systems

Computer Aided Design of Multi-Feedback Large-Scale Systems. Applications to Industry

Plenary Session II

Software for Scientific Computation

Session TA1 - CAD Packages II

A Computer Aided Design Package for Nonlinear Model Applications

Computer Aided Analysis and Design of Relay Systems

Environment and Methods for Robust Computer Aided Control Systems Design for Nonlinear Plants

Interactive Simulation Method Using Tableau Approach for Nonlinear Control System

Emulation/Simulation of Hierarchical Control Systems

Session TA2 - Regulator Design

A Computer Aided Solution to the Initialization Problem in the Parameter Optimization of Structurally Constrained Regulators

Computer Aided Design of Suboptimal Linear Regulators

Disturbance Error Reduction in Multivariable Optimal Control Systems

Computer Aided Design and Computer Control Using Minicomputer

Computer Aided Design of Suboptimal LQG Controller

Session TA3 - Applications II

Interactive Computer Aided Analysis and Design of Energy Efficient Metro Tunnel Trajectories

Computer Aided Controller Design for a Multiaxial Servohydraulic Vibration Test Bench with Large Parameter Uncertainties

A Computer Aided Design Approach to Airbus A300 Flight Control System

A Microprocessor Based Inertial Profilometer

Session TA4 - Frequency Domain Compensator Design

Design of Diagonal Dominance by Compensator

Near-Decouplability by Constant Compensation

An Improved Algorithm for Pseudodiagonalisation and its CAD Program

Coordination of the Excitation Systems in a Multimachine Power System

Round Table Discussion - CAD in Education and Control Laboratories

Plenary Session III

Computer Aided Design of Controllers for Large Systems

Session FA1 - CAD Packages III

A Modular Time Response Procedure for Sampled Data Systems

Control Design on an Inexpensive Desk-Top Computer

Software Package for Linear Control Systems by Means of Desk-Top Computer

CATPAC - Computer Aided Techniques for Process Analysis and Control - An Interactive Software Package

About the Software Package "MCSCAD-SJD": Its Main Structure and Application

Session FA2 - Applications III

Designs of an Adaptive Control Constraint System of a Milling Machine Tool

High-Speed Biprocessor Configuration for Numerical and Adaptive Control of Machine Tools

Computer Aided Production Planning (CAPP) Systems and Approaches

Job Computer Aided Description in Flexible Manufacturing Systems

Session FA3 - Model Reduction and Identification

Model Reduction of Linear Multivariable Digital Control Systems via Frequency Matching

Reduced Order State Estimation for Linear Systems with Exact Measurements

Self-Organization GMDH Computer Aided Design for Modeling of Cyclic Processes

Optimum Response Structures - CAD Procedures Based on System Identification and Model Reduction

A Computational Algorithm for Identification of Linear Multivariable Systems

Session FP1 - Control Theory

Explicit (Global) Parameterizations of all Stabilizing Compensators and Observers for Linear Feedback Systems

The Direct Synthesis of Compensators for Nonlinear Feedback Systems

Control Systems Design with Nonlinear Process Models

CAD of a State Feedback Law Via Shaping Bode Diagram

The Analysis of the Absolute Stability and the Synthesis of Non-Linear Systems Computer Assisted

Session FP2 - Robust System Design

A Robust Computational Approach to Control System Analysis and Design

Computer Aided Robustness Analysis of Dynamic Systems

CAD of the Horowitz/Sidi-Design for Feedback Systems with Large Plant Parameter Uncertainty

Synthesis of Feedback Systems for Specified Time Domain Insensitivity to Interaction Induced Plant Ignorance

New Procedure and CAD of Nonlinear-High Order Control Systems in Conditions of Uncertainty

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