This book offers a collection of information on successive steps of molecular ‘dialogue’ between plants and pathogens. It additionally presents data that reflects intrinsic logic of plant-parasite interactions. New findings discussed include: host and non-host resistance, specific and nonspecific elicitors, elicitors and suppressors, and plant and animal immunity. This book enables the reader to understand how to promote or prevent disease development, and allows them to systematize their own ideas of plant-pathogen interactions.

Key Features

* Offers a more extensive scope of the problem as compared to other books in the market * Presents data to allow consideration of host-parasite relationships in dynamics and reveals interrelations between pathogenicity and resistance factors * Discusses beneficial plant-microbe interactions and practical aspects of molecular investigations of plant-parasite relationships * Compares historical study of common and specific features of plant immunity with animal immunity


Students and post-graduates studying plant pathology and agriculture.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 General information on parasitism Y.T. Dyakov Chapter 2 Plant parasite organisms 2a Fungal Plant Pathogens Y.T. Dyakov 2b Bacterial Plant Pathogens Y.T. Dyakov 2c Plant Viruses and Viral Plant Diseases Y.T. Dyakov 2d. Plant Pathogen Nematodes S.V. Zinovieva 2e. Methods of Diagnostics L.A. Scherbakova Chapter 3 Structural basis of plant-pathogen Interactions Y.M. Plotnikova Chapter 4 Phenomenology of Plant-Pathogen Relationships Y.T. Dyakov Chapter 5 Horizontal Pathosystem: Parasite Attack Factors Y.T. Dyakov Chapter 6 Horizontal Pathosystem: Resistance Factors 6a Anatomical-Morphological Factors Y.T. Dyakov 6b Regulation of Ontogenesis and Damage Reparation Y.T. Dyakov 6c Nutrient Values of Infected Organs and Tissues Y.T. Dyakov 6d Biochemical Resistance Factors 6e Chemical classification of Phytoanticipates Y.T. Dyakov 6f Resistance Strategies Y.T. Dyakov 6g Protein Inhibitors of Viruses V.G. Dzhavakhiya and T. Korpela Chapter 7 Vertical Pathosystem: Avirulence Genes and their Products: Molecular Interpretation of Genetic Data Y.T. Dyakov 7a. Abiogenic Elicitors O.L. Ozeretskovskaya 7b. Nonspecific Biogenic Elicitors O.L. Ozeretskovskaya 7c. Endogenous, Plant, or Secondary Elicitors O.L. Ozeretskovskaya 7d. Specific Elicitors Y.T. Dyakov Chapter 8 Vertical Patho


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