Composite Structures

1st Edition

Safety Management

Authors: Dr. Bjorn Backman
Hardcover ISBN: 9780080548098
eBook ISBN: 9780080564975
Imprint: Elsevier Science
Published Date: 19th May 2008
Page Count: 306
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This book extends the focus to all the entities that participate in the successful quest for safety and demonstrates how design, manufacturing, maintenance, (inspection), operation, and requirements (regulations) all are part of successful, safe innovation and necessary to assure safe flight through the life of the vehicle. It addresses the notion that safety is a function of time and that vigilant risk management is only successful if it includes all participating entities.

It is a companion to the author's first volume, Composite Structure: Design, Safety and Innovation, published by Elsevier in June 2005.

Key Features

The book

  • eliminates an unacceptable 'gap' in the world of safety

  • represents a 'new' approach to designing, manufacturing, maintaining, operating and regulating composite airplane structures

  • for professionals in the aerospace structural development arena whether in indusrty, academia or government


Composite Safety specialists in industry, government and academia, aeronautical and aerospace engineers, engineers and scientists in structures, materials science, safety, quality control, testing, design, development and applied research, and advanced graduate students.

Table of Contents


PART 1 SAFETY MANAGEMENT Chapter 1 Introduction 1.1. Elements of Structural Safety 1.2. Interaction between Elements 1.3. Effects on Safety and the Influence of Residual Strength 1.4. Essential Conclusions of Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Structural Integrity and Safety Threats 2.1. Integrity and Manufacturing 2.2. Integrity and Maintenance 2.3. Integrity and Operation 2.4. Integrity and Rerquirements 2.5. Integrity Summary 2.6. Essential Conclusions of Chapter 2 2.7. The Process Quality of the Elements of Safety Chapter 3 Elements of Safety and Design Data 3.1. Mishaps in Manufacturing 3.2. Quality Assurance 3.3. Quality Control 3.4. Errors in Maintenance 3.5. Failures in Operation 3.6. Requirement Transgressions 3.7. Effects of Different Elements of Safety 3.8. Essential Conclusions of Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Effects on the Safe State 4.1. Manufacturing and Processing Discrepancies 4.2. Mechanical Flaws and Damage 4.3. “Added”, Spurious, Internal Loads 4.4. Summary of Effects 4.5. Installation and Assembly Problems 4.6. Maintenance Defects 4.7. Operational Mishaps 4.8. Requirement Formulation 4.9. Monitoring, Interpreting, Reporting and Updating 4.10. Essential Conclusions of Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Process Defects Affecting Quality of Structures 5.1. Defects of Manufacturing 5.2. Defects in Maintenance 5.3. Operational Defects 5.4. Defects in Requirements Formulation 5.5. Ta


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About the Author

Dr. Bjorn Backman

Affiliations and Expertise

Structure and Materials Structured Research, Camano Island, WA, USA