CNS Regeneration focuses on some of the leading current neurological disease models and methods for promoting central nervous system regeneration. Editors and authors are experts in the field, with experience in basic as well as applied neuroscience. In a comprehensive, logical manner, the book unites important basic science advances in neuroscience with novel medical strategies.

Key Features

@introbul:Key Features @bul:* The first comprehensive, authoritative volume on the topic of CNS regeneration * Reviews current therapeutic approaches * Editors and authors are experts in the field * Appeals to those interested in basic science as well as those concerned with its medical application


Students, researchers, and professionals in neuroscience (basic and applied), academic neurologists, and neuropathologists.

Table of Contents

K. Tuszynski, Introduction. CNS Responses to Injury: M. Sofroniew, Neuronal Responses to Injury. R. Grill and M. Tuszynski, Axonal Responses to Injury. J. Silver, Glial Responses to Injury. J. Zivin, Excitotoxins and Free Radicals. Promoting CNS Recovery: R. Lindsay, Neurotrophic Factors. J. Kordower and M. Tuszynski, Fetal Cell Grafts: General Principles. F. Gage, Primary CNS Progenitor Cells. E. Snyder, Immortalized Neural Progenitor Cells. X. Breakfield, Genetic Engineering. Promoting Recovery in Neurological Disease: J. Kordower, Introduction to Parkinson's Disease. P. Brunding, Fetal Grafts in Parkinson's Disease: Rat Models. J. Sladek, Fetal Grafts in Parkinson's Disease: Primate Models. O. Isaacson, Xenografts for Parkinson's Disease. J. Kordower and R. Bakay, Fetal Grafts in Parkinson's Disease: Human Studies. B. Hoffer, GDNF for Parkinson's Disease. K. Bankiewicz, Genetic Engineering for Parkinson's Disease. M. Peschanski, Huntington's Disease: Fetal Grafting O. Isaacson and J. Kordower, Huntington's Disease: Neurotrophic Factors. M. Tuszynski, Introduction to Alzheimer's Disease. M. Tuszynski, J. Kordower, E. Mufson, and F. Gage,Neurotrophic Factors, Gene Therapy and Alzheimer's Disease. C. Cotman, bFGF for Alzheimer's Disease. J. Kordower and T. Collier, Fetal Grafts for Alzheimer's Disease: Animal Models. P. Aebischer, ALS: Neurotrophic Factors and Encapsulated Cells.


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About the editors

Mark Tuszynski

Affiliations and Expertise

University of California, San Diego, U.S.A.

Jeffrey Kordower

Affiliations and Expertise

Rush-Presbyterian Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.


@qu:"Overall, the book is relatively concise, well-written, and up-to-date. ...the text was enjoyable to read and provided a clear overview of a very complicated area of neuroscience. The price is appropriate for such an authoritative text, and I would highly recommend the book for those interested in CNS regeneration and repair, a field that will have significant impact on the treatment of neurosurgical patients in the near future." @source:—Gregory Helm, University of Virginia Health Systems, in JOURNAL OF NEUROSURGERY (December 2001)