This multi-author volume provides an unprecedented in-depth coverage of the separation, identification and quantitation of simple and complex food and tissue fats and other lipids by chromatographic and mass spectrometric methods with emphasis on applications to biomedical research and clinical diagnosis. It contains a total of 13 chapters written by scientists who are internationally recognized in their specific fields. The volume covers analyses of molecular species of eicosanoids, sterols, and glycero and glycolipids in healthy and diseased human tissues and in appropriate animal models. The text complements the simpler group determinations of lipid classes commonly employed in clinical laboratories. The volume anticipates the discovery of the specific metabolism of molecular species of complex glycerolipids and provides the medical researcher and clinical investigator with the means for dealing with it.

Table of Contents

1. General strategies for practical chromatographic analysis of lipids (A. Kuksis, J.J. Myher). 2. Polar capillary GLC of intact natural diacyl and triacylglycerols (E. Geeraert). 3. High pressure liquid chromatography of arachidonic acid metabolites involved in inflammation (W.S. Powell). 4. Application of GC/MS techniques to the analysis of prostaglandins and related substances (C.R. Pace-Asciak). 5. The GLC of plasma intact lipids in clinical research (P. Mares). 6. HPLC of the arachidonoyl molecular species of glycero-phospholipids in alveolar macrophages and immune responses (Y. Nakagawa, K. Waku). 7. HPLC of diacylglycerol and phospholipase C sensitive glycerolipids in microsomes of normal tissues and dystrophic muscle (Type Duchenne) (B. Rüstow, H. Rabe, D. Kunze). 8. Chromatographic analysis of phosphoinositides and their breakdown products in activated blood platelets/neutrophils (V.G. Mahadevappa, B.J. Holub). 9. TLC and HPTLC of phospholipids and glycolipids in health and disease (M. Saito, S. Ando). 10. HPLC of molecular species of glycerophospholipids in studies of lipoproteins and lipid transport (G.M. Patton, S.J. Robins). 11. High performance liquid chromatography of glycosphingolipids in brain disease (F.B. Jungalwala, M.D. Ullman, R.H. McCluer). 12. GC/MS of molecular species of glycerophospholipids (K. Saito, K. Satouchi, M. Kino, H. Ogino, M. Oda). 13. LC/MS of natural glycerolipids, sterols and steryl esters (A. Kuksis, L. Marai, J.J. Myher, S. Pind). Subject Index.


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