Chemistry and Technology of Silicones - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780125207508, 9780323141406

Chemistry and Technology of Silicones

1st Edition

Authors: Walter Noll
eBook ISBN: 9780323141406
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 1st January 1968
Page Count: 716
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Chemistry and Technology of Silicones retains the nature of a monograph despite its expanded scope, giving the reader in condensed form not only a wide-ranging but also a thorough review of this rapidly growing field. In contrast to some other monographs on organosilicon compounds that have appeared in the interim, the silicones occupy in this edition the central position, and the technological part of the work is entirely devoted to them. This book comprises 12 chapters, and begins with a general discussion of the chemistry and molecular structure of the silicones. The following chapters then discuss preparation of silanes with nonfunctional organic substituents; monomeric organosilicon compounds RnSiX4-n; and organosilanes with organofunctional groups. Other chapters cover preparation of polyorganosiloxanes; the polymeric organosiloxanes; other organosilicon polymers; production of technical silicone products from polyorganosiloxanes; properties of technical products; applications of technical silicone products in various branches of industry; esters of silicic acid; and analytical methods. This book will be of interest to practitioners in the fields of molecular chemistry.

Table of Contents

Preface to the Second German Edition

Preface to the First German Edition

Chapter 1. General Discussion

1.1 Chemistry and Molecular Structure of the Silicones

1.2 Nomenclature

1.3 Historical Survey

1.4 Economics


Chapter 2. Preparation of Silanes with Nonfunctional Organic Substituents

2.1 Monomers in Silicone Chemistry

2.2 Direct Syntheses

2.3 Organometallic Syntheses

2.4 Syntheses by the Reaction of Hydrocarbons with Silanes

2.5 Substituent Exchange


Chapter 3. Monomeric Organosilicon Compounds RnSiX4-n

3.1 Tetraorganosilanes

3.2 Organohalosilanes and Tetrahalosilanes

3.3 Organo(organooxy)silanes

3.4 Organo-H-Silanes

3.5 Organosilanes with Silicon-Metal Bonds

3.6 Organosilanols

3.7 Organosilanolates

3.8 Organoaminosilanes (Organosilylamines)

3.9 Organosilanethiols

3.10 Organoacyloxysilanes

3.11 Organosilyl Sulfates, Phosphates, and Perchlorates

3.12 Organocyanosilanes, Organoisocyanatosilanes, and Organoisothiocyanatosilanes


Chapter 4. Organosilanes with Organofunctional Groups

4.1 Organofunctional Silanes in Silicone Chemistry

4.2 Industrial Availability

4.3 Silanes with Unsaturated Organic Groups

4.4 Fluoroorganosilanes

4.5 Chloroorganosilanes

4.6 Bromoorganosilanes

4.7 Hydroxyorganosilanes and Their Esters

4.8 Carboxyorganosilanes and Their Esters

4.9 Epoxyorganosilanes

4.10 Aminoorganosilanes

4.11 Cyanoorganosilanes


Chapter 5. Preparation of Polyorganosiloxanes

5.1 Hydrolytic Processes

5.2 Nonhydrolytic Processes

5.3 Syntheses by Cleavage of the Si؃ Bond

5.4 Polymerization and Polycondensation

5.5 Depolymerization and Cleavage


Chapter 6. The Polymeric Organosiloxanes

6.1 Systematic Classification of Polyorganosiloxanes based on their Molecular Structure and Chemistry

6.2 The Various Types of Polysiloxanes

6.3 Siloxane Bonds in Molecules of the Silicones and Anions of Silicates

6.4 The Silicon؃arbon Bond, Especially as Compared with the Carbon؃arbon Bond

6.5 Intermolecular Forces


Chapter 7. Other Organosilicon Polymers

7.1 Heterosiloxanes

7.2 Organosilicon Polymers without Siloxane Bridges

7.3 Organosilicon Copolymers (Polysilalkylenesiloxanes,Polysilarylenesiloxanes, Polysilalkylenesilanes, Polysilylenesiloxanes)

7.4 Organosilicon-Organic Copolymers


Chapter 8. Production of Technical Silicone Products from Polyorganosiloxanes

8.1 Technology of Silicone Rubber

8.2 Technology of Silicone Resins

8.3 Processing of Silicone Oils


Chapter 9. Properties of Technical Products

9.1 General Picture of the Properties of the Silicones and Its Relationship to Molecular Structure and Bond Forces

9.2 Properties of Technical Silicone Oils

9.3 Properties of Technical Silicone Greases

9.4 Properties of Cured Silicone Resin Films

9.5 Properties of Silicone Resin Moldings, Laminates, and Foams

9.6 Properties of Silicone Rubber

9.7 Physiological Behavior


Chapter 10. Applications of Technical Silicone Products in Various Branches of Industry

10.1 Review

10.2 Silicones in the Electrical Industry

10.3 Silicones as Materials and Auxiliaries for Machine Construction

10.4 Silicones as Auxiliaries in the Rubber Industry

10.5 Silicones as Auxiliaries in the Paint Industry

10.6 Silicones as Auxiliaries in the Plastics and Synthetic Fiber Industry

10.7 Silicones in the Glass Industry and Ceramics

10.8 Silicones in the Textile Industry

10.9 Silicones in the Leather Industry

10.10 Silicones in the Paper Industry

10.11 Silicones in the Cleaner and Polish Industry

10.12 Silicones in the Protection of Masonry

10.13 Silicones in Medicine, Pharmacy, and Cosmetics

10.14 Miscellaneous Applications


Chapter 11. Esters of Silicic Acid (Organooxysilanes and Polyorganooxysiloxanes)

11.1 Chemistry and Constitution

11.2 Preparation

11.3 Properties and Applications


Chapter 12. Analytical Methods

12.1 Chemical Methods

12.2 Physical and Physicochemical Methods


Subject Index


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