This volume provides an up-to-date survey of current thinking concerning the actions of chemical factors in the regulation of neuronal behaviour under normal and pathological conditions. The book is divided into four sections, dealing with chemical factors involved with the formation of axon pathways, factors involved with neuronal survival and specialization during normal development, factors involved in normal maintenance and repair of adult neurons and, finally, factors that have been implicated as mediators of degenerative changes in neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders.

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List of Contributors. Preface. Section 1. Factors implicated in neuronal pathway formation. 1. Axon guidance factors in invertebrate development (P.M. Whitington). 2. Adhesion molecules in neural crest development (D.F. Newgreen, S.S. Tan). 3. Laminin in neural development (V. Nurcombe). Section II. Factors Implicated in Neuron Survival and Specialization. 4. Mechanisms of developmental cell death (A. Messina, A. Jaworowski). 5. Regulation of the early development of the nervous system by growth factors (P.F. Bartlett, T.J. Kilpatrick, L.J. Richards, P.S. Talman, M. Murphy). 6. Retrograde factors in peripheral nerves (I.A. Hendry). 7. The regulation of nerve growth factor synthesis and delivery to peripheral neurons (R.A. Rush, R. Mayo, C. Zettler). 8. Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (K.A. Bailey). 9. Neurotrophin-3 and neurotrophin-4/5 (N. Rocamora, E. Arenas). 10. Centrally-active differentiation factors in the nervous system. 11. Leukemia inhibitory factor and phenotypic specialization (T. Yamamori). 12. Ciliary neurotrophic factor (P.M. Richardson, M.C. Subang). Section III. Factors implicated in neuronal support and repair. 13. Melanocortins as factors in somatic neuromuscular growth and regrowth (F.L. Strand, K.A. Williams, S.E. Alves, F.J. Antonawitch, T.S. Lee, S.J. Lee, J. Kume, L.A. Zuccarelli). 14. Functions of fibroblast growth factors (FGFs) in the nervous system (S. Bieger, K. Unsicker). 15. Astroglial neurotrophic and neurite-promoting factors (H.W. Müller, U. Junghans, J. Kappler). 16. Roles of insulin-like growth factors in peripheral nerve regeneration and motor neuron survival (D.N. Ishii, S.F. Pu, G.W. Glazner, H.-X. Zhuang, D.J. Marsh). Section IV. Factors implicated in neuronal damage. 17. Oxidative stress: free radical production in neural degeneration (M.E. Götz, G. Künig, P. Riederer, M.B.H. Youdim). 18. Excitotoxic neuronal damage and neuropsychiatric disor


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