Characterisation of Porous Solids V, Volume 128

1st Edition

Editors: G. Kreysa J.P. Baselt KK Unger
Hardcover ISBN: 9780444502599
eBook ISBN: 9780080528892
Imprint: Elsevier Science
Published Date: 11th April 2000
Page Count: 700
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Table of Contents

Theory, Modelling and Simulation.

Adsorption of argon and xenon in silica controlled porous glass: a grand canonical Monte-Carlo study (R.J.-M. Pellenq et al.). The role of isosteric enthalpy of adsorption in micropore characterisation: a simulation study (D. Nicholson, N. Quirke). Capillary condensation and hysteresis in disordered porous materials (L. Sarkisov, P.A. Monson). Molecular simulation study on freezing in nano-pores (M. Miyahara et al.). Characterisation of porous materials using density functional theory and molecular simulation (C.M. Lastoskie, K.E. Gubbins). Density functional theory of adsorption hysteresis and nanopore characterisation (A.V. Neimark, P.I. Ravikovitch). Characterisation of controlled pore glasses: molecular simulations of adsorption (L.D. Gelb, K.E. Gubbins). A new method for the accurate pore size analysis of MCM-41 and other silicia based mesoporous materials (M. Jaroniec et al.). Comparison of the experimental isosteric heat of adsorption of argon on mesoporous silica with density functional theory calculations (J.P. Olivier). A computational exploration of cation locations in high-silica Ca-Chabazite (T. Grey et al.). Density functional theory: diatomic nitrogen molecules in graphite pores (N.N. Neugebauer, M. v. Szombathely). Modelling studies of the influence of macroscopic structural heterogeneities on nitrogen sorption hysteresis (S.P. Rigby) Condensation-evaporation processes in simulated heterogeneous three-dimensional porous networks (S. Cordero et al.). Characterisation of porous solids for gas transport (O. Šolcová et al.). Experimental and simulation studies of melting and freezing in porous glasses (M. Sliwinska-Bartkowiak et al.). A fast tw


The Fifth International Symposium on the Characterisation of Porous Solids (COPS-V) was held at Heidelberg, Germany, from May 30 to June 2, 1999. About 220 participants from 25 countries enjoyed a very successful meeting with 32 lectures and 155 poster presentations.

The Symposium started with a highly stimulating lecture by Sir John Meurig Thomas, Cambridge, highlighting the recent developments in engineering of new catalysts. The following two full sessions were devoted to theory, modelling and simulation which provide the basis for the interpretation of pore structural data of adsorbents and finely dispersed solids. Sessions 2 and 3 focused on the advances in the synthesis and characterisation of highly ordered inorganic adsorbents and carbons. Sessions 4 and 5 addressed important questions with respect to the characterisation of porous solids by sorption measurement and other related techniques.

The intensive three-day programme provided a stimulating forum for the exchange of novel research findings, concepts, techniques and materials which are collected in this volume.


For chemists involved in surface science and catalysis.


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About the Editors

G. Kreysa Editor

J.P. Baselt Editor

Affiliations and Expertise

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Chemisches Apparatewesen, Chemische Technik und Biotechnologie e.V., Forschungsförderung, Theodor-Heuss-Allee 25, D-60486 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

KK Unger Editor