Cemented Tungsten Carbides

1st Edition

Production, Properties and Testing

Authors: Gopal S. Upadhyaya
Hardcover ISBN: 9780815514176
eBook ISBN: 9780815516309
Imprint: William Andrew
Published Date: 31st December 1998
Page Count: 420
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Written by an international expert, this book covers the processing, microstructure, and properties of cemented tungsten carbides. It is divided into 18 chapters covering wide areas from crystal structure to phase equilibria, production of metal and carbide powders, and much more. This book is ideal for researchers, plant engineers, and senior level students in metallurgical/mechanical/materials engineering who are interested in cemented carbides. There is no parallel book in print.


Researchers, plant engineers, and senior level students in metallurgical/mechanical/materials engineering who are interested in cemented carbides.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction References
  2. Crystal Structure and Phase Equilibria 1.0 Crystal Structure 2.0 Binary Systems 3.0 Ternary and Higher Order Systems 4.0 Phase Equilibria in WC-Co Cemented Carbides with Alternative Binders References
  3. Production of Metal and Carbide Powders 1.0 Production of Tungsten Powder 2.0 Production of Cobalt Powder 3.0 Synthesis of Tungsten Carbide 4.0 Some Novel Methods of Tungsten Carbide Production 5.0 Production of Other Refractory Carbides References
  4. Consolidation of Cemented Carbides 1.0 Milling of Carbides 2.0 Granulation/Spray Drying 3.0 Green Consolidation 4.0 Dewaxing 5.0 Presintering 6.0 Sintering of WC-Co Hardmetals 7.0 Other Consolidation Methods References
  5. Sintering Behavior of Cemented Carbides 1.0 Solid State Sintering of Cemented Carbides 2.0 Liquid Phase Sintering of Cemented Carbides 3.0 WC Based Cemented Carbides Containing Alternate Binders 4.0 Cubic Refractory Carbides Containing Cemented Carbides 5.0 TiN Containing Cemented Carbides 6.0 Ti(C,N) Containing Cemented Carbides References
  6. Microstructural Aspects of Cemented Carbides 1.0 Refractory Carbide Phases 2.0 Binder Phase 3.0 ETA phase 4.0 Precipitates 5.0 Pores 6.0 Microstructural Parameters References
  7. Mechanical Behavior of Cemented Carbides 1.0 Hardness 2.0 Transverse Rupture Strength (TRS) 3.0 Fracture Toughness 4.0 Cre


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About the Author

Gopal S. Upadhyaya

Affiliations and Expertise

Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India


"àfills a void with much needed information on this subject."