Cell Lipids - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780121533403, 9780080585116

Cell Lipids, Volume 40

1st Edition

Serial Editors: Arnost Kleinzeller Dale Benos
Serial Volume Editors: Dick Hoekstra
eBook ISBN: 9780080585116
Hardcover ISBN: 9780121533403
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 30th March 1994
Page Count: 638
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Table of Contents

L.L.M. van Deenen, Introduction.

Lipid Metabolism and Dynamics:

B. Roelofsen and J.A.F. Op den Kamp, Plasma Membrane Phospholipid Asymmetry and Its Maintenance: The Human Erythrocyte as a Model.

A.J. Schroit, Protein-Mediated Phospholipid Movement in Red Blood Cells.

K. Sandhoff and G. van Echten, Metabolism of Gangliosides: Topology, Pathobiochemistry, and Sphingolipid Activator Proteins.

A.H. Futerman, Ceramide Metabolism Compartmentalized in the Endoplasmic Reticulum and Golgi Apparatus.

G.M. Lee and K. Jacobson, Lateral Mobility of Lipids in Membranes.

H. Hauser and G. Lipka, Lipid Dynamics in Brush Border Membrane.

P.L. Yeagle, Lipids and Lipid-Intermediate Structures in the Fusion of Biological Membranes.

Lipid-Protein Interactions:

B.C. Ossendorp, G.T. Snoek, and K.W.A. Wirtz, Intracellular Phospholipid Transfer Proteins.

T. Borchers and F. Spener, Fatty Acid Binding Proteins.

C. Zurzolo and E. Rodriguez-Boulan, Lipid-Tagged Proteins.

A. Bienvenue and J.S. Marie, Modulation of Protein Function by Lipids.

Lipids as Modulators of Cell Functioning:

C.C. Sweeley, Lipids and the Modulation of Cell Function.

A.H. Merrill, Jr., Sphingosine and Other Long-Chain Bases That Alter Cell Behavior.

E.G. Bremer, Glycosphingolipids as Effectors of Growth and Differentiation.

W.J. van Blitterswijk, D. Schaap, and R.L. van der Bend, Generation and Attenuation of Lipid Second Messengers in Intracellular Signaling.

W.H. Moolenaar, K. Jalink, T. Eichholtz, P.L. Hordijk, R. van der Bend, W.J. van Blitterswijk, and E. van Corven, Lysophosphatidic Acid as a Novel Lipid Mediator.

Intracellular Transport and Traffic of Lipids:

J.C. McIntyre and R.G. Sleight, Mechanisms of Intracellular Membrane Lipid Transport.

J.P. Slotte, M.I. Porn, and A.-S. Harmala, Flow and Distribution of Cholesterol-Effects of Phospholipids.

J.W. Kok and D. Hoekstra, Glycosphingolipid Trafficking in the Endocytic Pathway.

W. van't Hof and G. van Meer, Lipid Polarity and Sorting in Epithelial Cells.

B.W. Wattenberg, Reconstitution of Glycolipid Transport between Compartments of the Golgi in a Cell-Free System.

A. Rigotti, M.P. Marzolo, and F. Nervi, Lipid Transport from the Hepatocyte into the Bile.

Summary and Perspectives:

K. Simons, Quo Vadis, Lipidologist. Subject Index.


Challenging and provocative overviews are presented in Volume 40 of Current Topics in Membranes. Topics on cell lipids vary from basic themes such as biosynthesis and membrane distribution to the role of lipids in intracellular signaling and membrane flow. This single volume also highlights the roles of lipids in eukaryotic cells and discusses organization of lipids in microdomains.


Biochemists, cell and molecular biologists, neurobiologists, biophysicists, cancer researchers, immunologists, virologists, and physiologists.


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