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Introduction to non-thermal food pasteurisation processes. Part 1 Case studies in HPP and PEF processing of food: Commercial HPP of ham at Esteban Espuña; HHP processing of fruit juices and smoothies; PEF systems for commercial food and juice processing; The environmental impact of PEF treatment and HPP. Part 2 Case studies in other novel food processing techniques: Industrial applications of high power ultrasonics; The potential of novel IR food processing technologies; Validation and commercialisation of dense phase carbon dioxide processing for orange juice; Progress and issues with the commercialisation of cool plasma; Commercial applications of ozone in food processing; Novel technologies for the decontamination of fruits and vegetables. Part 3 Case studies in food preservation using antimicrobials, novel packaging and storage techniques: Use of natamycin on baked goods; Commercial application of oxygen depleted atmospheres for food preservation; Commercialisation of TTIs for foods; Development of a nanocomposite meal bag for individual military rations. Part 4 Innovations in advanced food processing techniques and predictive microbial models: Case studies: Commercial developments in in-container retort technology; Industrial microwave heating of food: Principles and three case studies of commercialisation; Irradiation of fresh fruit and vegetables; Consumer acceptance and marketing of irradiated meat; Comparing the effectiveness of thermal and non-thermal food preservation processes; A case study in military ration foods: The Quasi-chemical model and a novel accelerated three-year challenge test.


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