The Biochemistry of Plants, Volume 14: Carbohydrates provides information pertinent to the fundamental aspects of plant biochemistry. This book deals with the function and structure of the plant cell wall by describing the physical and chemical properties of cell wall components. Organized into 11 chapters, this volume begins with an overview of hexose phosphate metabolism in nonphotosynthetic tissues. This text then examines the findings in fructan structures, conformations, and linkages, the enzymes involved in fructan synthesis and degradation, and their cellular regulation, location, and metabolic role in plants. Other chapters consider the methods employing enzymes to determine starch structure. This book discusses as well the different biosynthetic modes of plant cell walls. The final chapter deals with the various environmental factors that influence expression of the ?-amylase gene, suggesting how molecular biology may help in understanding carbohydrate biochemistry and the enzymes involved in carbohydrate synthesis and metabolism. This book is a valuable resource for plant biochemists.


Graduate and professional plant biochemists, bacterial and animal biochemists, and graduate-level bioscience libraries.

Table of Contents

T. Rees, Hexose Phosphate Metabolism by Nonphotosynthetic Tissues of Higher Plants. W.J. Lucas and M.A. Madore, Recent Advances in Sugar Transport. F.A. Loewus, Ascorbic Acid and Its Metabolic Products. C.J. Pollock and N.J. Chatterton, Fructans. K. Kainuma, Structure and Chemistry of the Starch Granule. J. Preiss, Biosynthesis of Starch and Its Regulation. M. Steup, Starch Degradation. A. Bacic, P.J. Harris, and B.A. Stone, Structure and Function of Plant Cell Walls. D.P. Delmer and B.A. Stone, Biosynthesis of Plant Cell Walls. G.P. Kaushal, T. Szumilo, and A.D. Elbein, Structure and Biosynthesis of Plant N-Linked Glycoproteins. T. Akazawa, T. Mitsui, and M. Hayashi, Recent Progress in ~ga-Amylase Biosynthesis. Index. Contents of Other Volumes. For information on availability and prices of other volumes, call 1-(800)-321-5068. In Missouri, Alaska, or Hawaii call 1-(314)-528-8110. For information on availability and prices of other volumes, call (01)-300-3322.


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