Bone Substitute Biomaterials

1st Edition

Editors: K. Mallick
Hardcover ISBN: 9780857094971
eBook ISBN: 9780857099037
Imprint: Woodhead Publishing
Published Date: 2nd June 2014
Page Count: 352
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Table of Contents

  • Contributor contact details
  • Woodhead Publishing Series in Biomaterials
  • Dedication
  • Part I: Properties of bone substitute biomaterials in medicine

    • 1. Bone substitutes based on biomineralization

      • Abstract:
      • 1.1 Introduction
      • 1.2 Key aspects driving the regeneration of hard connective tissues
      • 1.3 Biomineralization processes to obtain collagen/hydroxyapatite composites as regenerative bone and osteochondral scaffolds
      • 1.4 Composite biopolymeric matrices able to mediate biomineralization
      • 1.5 New intelligent bone scaffolds: functionalized devices able to respond to specific environmental conditions
      • 1.6 Future trends in regenerative medicine: superparamagnetic hybrid bone scaffolds
      • 1.7 Conclusions
      • 1.8 Acknowledgements
      • 1.9 References
    • 2. Experimental quantification of bone mechanics

      • Abstract:
      • 2.1 Introduction
      • 2.2 Bone biology and mechanical function
      • 2.3 Whole-bone mechanical properties
      • 2.4 Micro-scale mechanical properties
      • 2.5 Nano-scale mechanical properties
      • 2.6 Hierarchical or multi-scale methods of bone quality assessment
      • 2.7 Conclusions
      • 2.8 References
    • 3. Osteoinductivization of dental implants and bone-defect-filling materials

      • Abstract:
      • 3.1 Introduction
      • 3.2 Biomimetic coating technique
      • 3.3 Conclusions
      • 3.4 References
    • 4. Bioresorbable bone graft substitutes

      • Abstract:
      • 4.1 Introduction
      • 4.2 Materials that allow resorption
      • 4.3 Bioresorbable materials as a source of other substances
      • 4.4 Challenges
      • 4.5 Conclusions
      • 4.6 References
  • Part II: Biomaterial substitute scaffolds and implants for bone repair

    • 5. Multifunctional scaffolds for bone regeneration

      • Abstract:<


Bone substitute biomaterials are fundamental to the biomedical sector, and have recently benefitted from extensive research and technological advances aimed at minimizing failure rates and reducing the need for further surgery. This book reviews these developments, with a particular focus on the desirable properties for bone substitute materials and their potential to encourage bone repair and regeneration.

Part I covers the principles of bone substitute biomaterials for medical applications. One chapter reviews the quantification of bone mechanics at the whole-bone, micro-scale, and non-scale levels, while others discuss biomineralization, osteoductivization, materials to fill bone defects, and bioresorbable materials. Part II focuses on biomaterials as scaffolds and implants, including multi-functional scaffolds, bioceramics, and titanium-based foams. Finally, Part III reviews further materials with the potential to encourage bone repair and regeneration, including cartilage grafts, chitosan, inorganic polymer composites, and marine organisms.

Key Features

  • Provides a detailed and accurate overview of the bone substitute biomaterials, a fundamental part of the biomaterials and biomedical sector
  • Provides readers with the principles of bone substitute biomaterials
  • Reviews biomaterials for bone regeneration


Bone Substitute Biomaterials provides a detailed review of this important area, and will be a helpful resource for scientists and engineers in both academia and the biomedical industry. It should be of particular interest to those working in orthopaedics and dentistry.


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About the Editors

K. Mallick Editor

Professor Kajal Mallick was formerly associate professor of the Warwick Manufacturing Group at Warwick University, where he headed the Tissue Engineering and Ceramic Processing research group (TiECep). He has authored many papers on biomaterials in leading international journals.

Affiliations and Expertise

Formerly associate professor of the Warrick Manufacturing Group at Warwick University, UK