Biosensors 92 Proceedings - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9781856171618, 9781483297170

Biosensors 92 Proceedings

1st Edition

The Second World Congress on Biosensors

Editors: W.R. Heineman I. Karube R.D. Schmid A.P.F. Turner
eBook ISBN: 9781483297170
Imprint: Elsevier Science
Published Date: 12th May 1992
Page Count: 560
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Keeping up to date with new biosensors developments has been getting harder ...

– one of the fastest moving fields of academic and industrial research in the world

– a constant stream of new commercial applications

– centres of research excellence all over Europe, North America and the Pacific Rim

– enormous implications for monitoring personal health and fitness, the food we eat, the environment, health services and industry

The answer came on 20–22 May 1992, with BIOSENSORS 92. With a core of invited speakers and over 220 original contributed papers from 24 countries, BIOSENSORS 92 was the largest and most comprehensive event of its kind – a response to the growing importance of biosensors as a powerful new technology.

Elsevier Advanced Technology, the organizers of BIOSENSORS 92, have now published the proceedings of this important event.

Biosensors 92 Proceedings contains over 150 papers presenting current research and developments straight from those who are leading the way in:

– Enzyme–based Sensors

– Affinity Sensors

– Environmental Monitoring using Biosensors

– Biosensors and Bioelectronics

Biosensors 92 Proceedings – Your key to current awareness in sensor technology for just £90 [dollar rate subject to current £/$ exchange rate].

Table of Contents

Part I: Symposium I: Enzyme-Based Sensors Oral Presentations

Chapter 1. Enzyme - Based (Fiber) Optic Sensors

Chapter 2. Luciferase-Based Sensors

Chapter 3. Chemically Constructed Amperometric Ultramicrobiosensors

Chapter 4. Modeling of Processes in Enzyme Electrodes

Chapter 5. A Comparison: Sensing of Ethanol by Means of Enzymatic Recognition and by Chemical Recognition in an Optode

Chapter 6. Fiber-Optic Glucose and Creatinine Biosensors Based on Oxygen Optrodes as Transducers

Chapter 7. a Highly Selective Methanol Determination System Based on Chemiluminescence Using Flow Injection Analysis

Chapter 8. Fiber-Optic Urea Sensor Using Ammonium Ion Selective Membrane Covered with Urease-Immobilized Membrane

Chapter 9. Development of a Miniaturized Glucose Monitor for Whole Blood Measurements

Chapter 10. Development and Application of a New Enzyme Sensor Type Based on the Mos-Capacitance Structure for Bioprocess Control

Chapter 11. Stainless Steel Electrodes in Enzyme-Based Potentiometric and Ph-Stat Biosensors

Chapter 12. Continuous Non-Diluted Serum Sample Measurement with Anisfet Glucose Sensor

Chapter 13. Mixed Mode Sensor Leads to Ph-Controlled Membrane Conductivity Measurement

Chapter 14. Thin-Film Conductometric Biosensors for Glucose and Urea Determination

Chapter 15. Microfabricated Conductimetric Biosensors Based on Ph-Sensitive Hydrogels

Chapter 16. Stable Mediated Enzyme Electrode in Flow Injection Analysis System Used for On-Line Bioprocess Monitoring

Chapter 17. Development of a Stable Ferrocene-Mediated Glucose Biosensor Using an Anionic Ion Exchange Polymer Blend

Chapter 18. Amperometric Biosensor for Free Cholesterol Based on Electrical Communication between Horseradish Peroxidase and Novel Redox Polymers

Chapter 19. Amperometric Biosensors Based on Electrocatalytic Regeneration of Nad+ at Redox Polymer-Modified Electrodes

Chapter 20. Continuous Monitoring of Lactat E in Sepsis and Shock with Subcutaneous Microdialysis: Experimental and Clinical Studies

Chapter 21. In Vivo Evaluation of an Electroenzymatic Glucose Sensor Implanted in Subcutaneous Tissue

Chapter 22. Development of a Needle Type Biosensor for Analysis of Sugars in Fruits

Chapter 23. Glucose Sensing Carbon Paste Electrode by Using Polyethylen E Glycol-Modified Glucose Oxidase

Chapter 24. Development and Characterization of an Enzyme Electrode for the Application to Undiluted Media

Chapter 25. Anaerobic Operation of a Glucose Sensor by Use of Pulse Techniques

Chapter 26. Extended Shelf Life of Enzyme Based Biosensors Using a Novel Stabilization System

Chapter 27. Multi-Enzyme Sensors - Enzyme Activation for Activator and Enyzme Activity Determination-

Chapter 28. Enzyme Electrodes for Biotechnology and Environmental Control

Chapter 29. Application of a Novel Polymer with Biocompatibility and Diffusion-Limiting Effect to Construct a Glucose Sensor

Chapter 30. Flow-Injection Amperometric Biosensing of Copper(II) Ions Using a Contact-Type of an Apoenzyme Sensor

Chapter 31. Biosensor — Actuator Systems for Precise Enzymatic Determinations

Part II: Symposium I: Enzyme-Based Sensors Poster Presentations

Chapter 32. Model Analysis of Mediated Enzyme Electrodes with a Conducting Polymer

Chapter 33. Eh2yhe Electrodes with PTFE Modified Carbon Black Mediator Matrix and their Application in Glucose Biosensors

Chapter 34. The Mass Production of Biosensors

Chapter 35. Mediated Amperometric Determination of Xylose and Glucose with an Immobilized Aldose Dehydrogenase Electrode

Chapter 36. Selectivity of Conducting Polymer Modified Electrodes and their Application in Amino Acid Biosensors

Chapter 37. Novel Approaches for the Use of Mediators in Enzyme Electrodes

Chapter 38. Study on Mutiple-Enzyme Electrode for Sucrose Determination

Chapter 39. Vitamin C Sensor Based on the Cyclic Reaction of L-Ascorbic Acid and Dehydroascorbic Acid Using Dithiothreithol

Chapter 40. an Activated Carbon Electrode Biosensor for Sucrose

Chapter 41. an Enzyme Electrode for Hydrogen Peroxide Based on Peroxidase Immobilized on Glassy Carbon Electrode

Chapter 42. Chemical Modified Carbon Glucose Sensor Used in Rapid Estimation of Glucose in Inosine Fermentation

Chapter 43. Bioamperometric Sensors Based on Immobilization of Enzymes

Chapter 44. Amperometric Glutathione Electrode

Chapter 45. On-Line Determination of Glucose in Fermentation Processes. Development of an Extremely Simplified Flow-Injection System with Amperometric Detection

Chapter 46. Continuous Determination of Glucose and Lactate in a Mammalian Cell Culture Fermentation Process

Chapter 47. Use of On-Line Tubular Ion-Exchanger to Enhance Selectivity of Membrane Electrode Detectors in Flow-Injection Enzymatic Analysis: Application to Determination of L-Glutamine in Bioreactor Media

Chapter 48. Determination of Penicillin in Batch Samples and with Various FIA Systems Using Fast Responding Enzyme Glass Electrodes

Chapter 49. Investigation of Optimum Conditions for the Detection of Urea by ENFETS

Chapter 50. A Computerized and Temperature Compensated Enzyme Electrode (Model Ga-I) for Blood Sugar Determination

Chapter 51. Development of Dissolved Oxygen Detector for Flow Injection Analysis and Its Application to L-Glutamate Analysis

Chapter 52. Characteristics of Biosensors Using β-Chitin Membrane as a Possible Carrier of Bioactive Materials

Chapter 53. A Prototype of Enzymatic Sensors to Determine Glycerol and Propylene Glycol in Tobacco Casing

Chapter 54. On-Line Determination of Ethanol in Brewery Processes Based on Sample Extraction by Continuous Pervaporation

Chapter 55. A Biosensor Based on Monomolecular Films of Glucose Oxydase

Chapter 56. Amplification of Enzyme Electrode Response by Biocatalytic Preconcentration of Intermediates

Chapter 57. Covalent Binding of Urease on Ammonium Selective Potentiometric Membranes

Chapter 58. Disposable Multisubstrate Biosensors for Fish Freshness Determination

Chapter 59. Biosensor for Direct Determination in Undiluted Biological Fluids

Chapter 60. Fiber-Optic Enzyme Biosensor Based on Quenchedluminescence Oxygen Detection and Life-Time Measurements

Chapter 61. A Novel Optical Biosensor for the Determination of Glucose, Fructose, Gluconolactone and Sorbitol

Chapter 62. Optical Sensor for Organic Ammonium Ions and Its Application to Lysine Biosensing

Chapter 63. Fiuorecsent Determination of Glucose by an Enzyme Sensor

Chapter 64. Wavelength-Modulated Fluorimetry in Analysis of Steroid Hormones in Pharmaceutical Products

Chapter 65. Surface-Micromachined Ultrasonic Lamb Wave Devices for Biosensor Applications

Chapter 66. Enzyme Membranes of Biosensor Application Prepared by Direct Plasma Irradiation

Chapter 67. Dry Chemistry Sensing of Analytes Using Integral Threshold Detection

Chapter 68. A Calorimetric Biosensor for the Detection and Determination of Enantiomeric Excesses

Chapter 69. An Integrated Thermopile Sensor as Transducer for Biosensing

Chapter 70. Hypoxanthine Monitoring for Detection of asphyxia in Newborn Infants

Chapter 71. Improved Multiple Chip-Electrode Arrays with Modified Enzyme Polymer Layers

Chapter 72. a Flow Injection Creatinine Analyzer Based on Creatinine Deiminase, Leucine Dehydrogenase and L-Amino Acid Oxidase

Chapter 73. Studying The Bienzyme Reaction with Amperometric Detection for Measuring Maltose

Chapter 74. L-Lactate Electrochemical Biosensor: Performance Evaluation and the Application in Monitoring of Milk Microbial Attack

Part III: Symposium II: Affinity Sensors Oral Presentations

Chapter 75. Single-Step Electrochemical Immunoassay

Chapter 76. Real-Time Biospecific Interaction Analysis

Chapter 77. Receptor-Based Sensors

Chapter 78. A New Geometry of the Ion-Step Based Ion Responding Immuno Sensor (Iris): The 'Ball and Tip' Disposable Biosensor

Chapter 79. Immdnoelectrodes for Thyrotrophin Measurement

Chapter 80. Avidin Modified Glassy Carbon Electrodes: towards a Multivalent Immunosensor

Chapter 81. Development of a Multi-Array PZ-Immuno Biosensor System for the Fast assay of Human Growth Hormone

Chapter 82. An Immunosensor Using a Quartz Lamb Wave Device

Chapter 83. Gravimetric Biosensors Based on Acoustic Waves in Thin Polymer Layers

Chapter 84. High Sensitive Detection System of Allergen Using Antibody Immobilize D onto Bacterial Magnetic Particles

Chapter 85. Evanescent Wave Fiber Optic Biosensor

Chapter 86. A Rapid Particle-Based Immunoassay System Using Fluorescence Transfer Detection William Bains and John Golby

Chapter 87. Characterization of Biomembranes by Spectral Ellipsometry and Interferometry as a Tool in Biosensor Application

Chapter 88. Interferometric Immunoassay in a FIA-System a Sensitive and Rapid Approach in Label-Free Immunosensing

Chapter 89. The Difference Interferometer: A Highly Sensitive Optical Probe for Molecular Surface-Coverage Detection

Chapter 90. The Difference Interferometer: Application as a Direct Immunosensor

Chapter 91. Optical Waveguide Interferometric Immunosensor

Chapter 92. Enhanced Surface Plasmon Resonance Inhibition Test (Esprit) by Using Latex Particles

Chapter 93. Immunosensors in Medical Diagnostics - Major Hurdles to Commercial Success

Part IV: Symposium II: Affinity Sensors Poster Presentations

Chapter 94. Immunoelectrochemical Sensor for the Detection of Bacteria

Chapter 95. Immunosensors - A New Tool for Viral Disease Diagnosis

Chapter 96. Potentiometric Immunoassay (PIA) - Mixed Potential Modulation by an Antigen/Antibody Reaction

Chapter 97. Mediatorless Electroenzymic Reduction of Hydrogen Peroxide at Platinized Carbon Electrodes = Application to Immunoassay

Chapter 98. Amplified Enzyme Immunoassay Using Thermophilic B—NADH Oxidase

Chapter 99. Development of an Automatic Flow Injection Electrochemical Analysis System for Phenol and Its Application to the Construction of an Immunosensor for Human Igg

Chapter 100. Synthetic Mini-Antibodies in Biosensors

Chapter 101. Determination of Enzyme Activities after Immunological Recognition by Antienzyme Antibodies

Chapter 102. Kinetics of Binding of Small Molecular Weight Antigens to Immobilized Antibodies in Flow

Chapter 103. Lactose Sensors Based on Transport Proteins: Comparative Electrochemical and Ellipsometric Studies of Supported Planar Lipid Bilayers

Chapter 104. The Design of an Immunosensor for Measuring Nicotine in Tobacco Smoke: Immunological aspects.

Chapter 105. A Novel Optical Immunosensor System for the Determination of IGG in Serum Samples

Chapter 106. Application of Mini-Antibodies in a Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor

Chapter 107. DNA Detection with Surface Plasmon Resonance

Chapter 108. Fluorescence Energy Transfer Biosensor

Chapter 109. Grating Coupler Immunosensors for Pesticide Detection

Chapter 110. Integrated Optical Biosensors Using Interferometry

Chapter 111. Optimised Reflectometric Detection of Human Pregnancy Hormone Using Label Amplification.

Chapter 112. Study of Immunoglobulin G Thin Layers Obtained by the Langmuir-Blodgett Method: Application to Immunosensors

Part V: Symposium III: Biosensors and Bioelectronics Oral Presentations

Chapter 113. Micromachined Biosensors

Chapter 114. Mathematical Modeling for Lipid Coated At-Cut Quartz Crystal Ethanol Vapor Sensor

Chapter 115. Characterizing of Liquor Odorants by Pattern Analysis of the Response from an At-Cut Quartz Odorant Sensor Array

Chapter 117. Taste Sensing Using Electric Potential Changes in Lipid Membranes

Chapter 118. Development of Microbioelectrode Modified by Mixing Plant Tissue and Carbon Paste and Its Applicationin In-Vivo Dopamine Monitoring

Chapter 118. The Use of Chemically Modified Electrodes for Detectors of Bionedical Substances in Liquid Chroaatography and Flow Injection Analysis

Chapter 119. Optimized Biosensor for Whole Blood Measurements Using a New Blood-Compatible Membrane

Chapter 120. Applications and Markets for Biosensors in the 1990s

Chapter 121. Protection of Biosensor Inventions

Chapter 122. Miniaturized Biosensors for Integration on Flexible Polymer Carriers for in Vivo Applications

Chapter 123. Why Use a Delicate Biosensor for Monitoring? Alternative Routes by Miniaturizing and Speeding up The Classic Analytical Techniques

Chapter 124. Development of Directly-Sensing Equipment for In-Situ Hepatocytes Observation

Chapter 125. a Miniature Fiber Optic Absorbance Sensor for 99mtc Imaging Agents

Chapter 126. Optical Sensors for Biotechnological Applications

Part VI: Symposium III: Biosensors and Bioelectronics Poster Presentations

Chapter 127. Integrated-Optics Sensors for Lipid-Active Substances

Chapter 128. NMR Studies of the Interaction of Catecholamines and Related Phenolic Compounds with PNVP Polymers Used in Analyte Selective Microelectrode

Chapter 129. Thin-Film Clark-Type Oxygen Sensor Based on Novel Polymer Membrane Systems for in Vivo and Biosensor Applications

Chapter 130. Electrochemical Glucose Sensor in Catheter Form

Chapter 131. A New Principle for an Electrochemical Oxygen Sensor

Chapter 132. Coupling Living Cells to ISFET Devices: on -Line Detection of Electrochemical Cell Activity

Chapter 133. Online Monitoring of Glucose in Batch Fermentations of Escherichia Coli with a Commercially Available Biosensor Analyzer - Fermentation Control System

Chapter 134. Implementation of a Thermal Biosensor in Process Environment Online Monitoring of Penicillin V in Production Scale Fermentations Introduction

Chapter 135. Flow Injection Analysis of Short Chain Fatty Acids in Dairy Products Based on the Use of a Microbial Electrode

Chapter 136. New Immobilization Techniques for Enzymes: A Strategy to Optimize Biosensors

Chapter 137. Multi-Component Analysis Using Biosensors

Chapter 138. Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometry

Chapter 139. Characterisation of Biosensor Materials Using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy

Chapter 140. Amperometric Glucose Oxidase/Hydrogen Peroxide Glucose Sensors: The Influence of Hydrogen Peroxide on the Function and Its Potential Use in Sensor Sterilization

Chapter 141. Crystalline Bacterial Surface Layers (S-Layers) Used in Biosensor Development

Part VII: Mini Symposium: Environmental Monitoring Oral Presentations

Chapter 142. Voltammetric Immunosensor for the Determination of Herbicide Traces in Waters

Chapter 143. Rapid IC50 Estimation and On-Line Toxicity Monitoring with the Rodtox, an Activated Sludge Based Biosensor

Chapter 144. Plant Tissue- Based Oscillator

Chapter 145. Highly Sensitive Determination of Phosphate Ions Based on the Immobilized Enzyme-Chemi Luminescence System

Chapter 146. Optical Sensors Based on DNA Recombinant Microbes for the Detection of Toxic Compounds

Chapter 147. Development of a Flow Injection Immuno-Analysis for Pesticide Determination - First Studies-

Part VIII: Mini Symposium: Environmental Monitoring Poster Presentations

Chapter 148. A Spectrophotometrically Interrogated Microbial Biosensor for Toxins

Chapter 149. Detection of Herbicides via Photosystem II and Bacterial Luciferase

Chapter 150. A Biosensor for Triazine Herbicides Based on Chlorophyll Fluorescence in Photosystem 2

Chapter 151. Development and Application of Microbial Sensor System for Determination of Bod

Chapter 152. Construction of Organic Phosphate Biosensor by the Use of Alkaline Phosphatase and Some Enzymes

Chapter 153. The Anticholinesterase Activity Measure and Its Significance in the Water Environmental Analyses

Chapter 154. Detection of Pesticides Based on Enzyme Inhibition


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