Biomedical Ethics for Engineers

1st Edition

Ethics and Decision Making in Biomedical and Biosystem Engineering

Print ISBN: 9780750682275
eBook ISBN: 9780080476100
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 30th March 2007
Page Count: 408
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Biomedical Ethics for Engineers provides biomedical engineers with a new set of tools and an understanding that the application of ethical measures will seldom reach consensus even among fellow engineers and scientists. The solutions are never completely technical, so the engineer must continue to improve the means of incorporating a wide array of societal perspectives, without sacrificing sound science and good design principles. Dan Vallero understands that engineering is a profession that profoundly affects the quality of life from the subcellular and nano to the planetary scale. Protecting and enhancing life is the essence of ethics; thus every engineer and design professional needs a foundation in bioethics. In high-profile emerging fields such as nanotechnology, biotechnology and green engineering, public concerns and attitudes become especially crucial factors given the inherent uncertainties and high stakes involved. Ethics thus means more than a commitment to abide by professional norms of conduct. This book discusses the full suite of emerging biomedical and environmental issues that must be addressed by engineers and scientists within a global and societal context. In addition it gives technical professionals tools to recognize and address bioethical questions and illustrates that an understanding of the application of these measures will seldom reach consensus even among fellow engineers and scientists.

Key Features

· Working tool for biomedical engineers in the new age of technology · Numerous case studies to illustrate the direct application of ethical techniques and standards · Ancillary materials available online for easy integration into any academic program


Bioengineers; Engineering and Technical Staff in Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industries; Engineering, Ethics and Philosophy Students and Professors

Table of Contents

Prologue: Chapter 1: Bioethics: A Creative Approach
Chapter 2: Bioethics and the Engineer
Chapter 3: An Engineered Future: Human Enhancement Chapter 4: The Bioethical Engineer
Chapter 5: Bioethical Research and Technological Development
Chapter 6: Safety, Risk and Reliability as Measures of Bioethics Chapter 7: Bioethical Success and Failure
Chapter 8: Justice and Fairness as Engineering Concepts
Chapter 9: Sustainable Bioethics
Chapter 10: Engineering Wisdom
Epilogue: Practical Bioethics Bioethics Resources for the Engineer Suggested Readings Useful Websites Appendix 1: National Society of Professional Engineers - Code of Ethics for Engineers Appendix 2: Biomedical Engineering Society Code of Ethics


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'this is a well-structured text for engineering ethics, written in a style that takes into account the way in which engineering students think and learn' Anji Wall, St. Louis University Center for Health Care Ethics, in DOODY'S BOOK REVIEWS