Biomaterials Science

1st Edition

An Introduction to Materials in Medicine

Print ISBN: 9780125824613
eBook ISBN: 9780080500140
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 9th May 1997
Page Count: 484
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This book introduces a subject that has profound impact on human health and considerable economic importance. The issues addressed include the biology, medical applications, markets, regulation, and ethical issues involved in biomaterials science. This spectrum of issues reflects the interdisciplinary nature of the field.

Key Features

@introbul:Key Features @bul:* Provides a strong, cohesive compilation unlike any other currently on the market

  • Covers the entire spectrum of biomaterials and their use in medicine
  • Contributions of leaders in the biomaterials field


Researchers, scientists, and students in the fields of biomaterials, chemistry, physics, engineering, biology, medicine, veterinary medicine, orthopedics, dentistry, including scientists in biotechnology and industry. In addition, attorneys involved in biomaterials litigation, materials scientists, and medical personnel will find much of interest in this book. This area is well-funded by NIH.

Table of Contents

B.D. Ratner, Biomaterials Science: An Interdisciplinary Endeavor.

Materials Science and Engineering--Properties of Materials:

J.E. Lemons, Introduction.

F.W. Cooke, Bulk Properties of Materials.

B.D. Ratner, Surface Properties of Materials.

Classes of Materials Used in Medicine:

A.S. Hoffman, Introduction.

J.B. Brunski, Metals.

S.A. Visser, R.W. Hergenrother, and S.L. Cooper, Polymers.

N.A. Peppas, Hydrogels.

J. Kohnand R. Langer, Bioresorbable and Bioerodible Materials.

L.L. Hench, Ceramics, Glasses, and Glass Ceramics.

I.V. Yannas, Natural Materials.

H. Alexander, Composites.

B.D. Ratner and A.S. Hoffman, Thin Films, Grafts, and Coatings.

S.W. Shalaby, Fabrics.

A.S. Hoffman, Biologically Functional Materials.

Biology, Biochemistry, and Medicine--Some Background Concepts:

B.D. Ratner, Introduction.

T.A. Horbett, Proteins: Structure, Properties, and Adsorption to Surfaces.

J.M. Schakenraad, Cells: Their Surfaces and Interactions with Materials.

F.J. Schoen, Tissues.

Host Reactions to Biomaterials and Their Evaluations:

F.J. Schoen, Introduction.

J.M. Anderson, Inflammation, Wound Healing, and the Foreign Body Response.

R.J. Johnson, Immunology and the Complement System.

K. Merritt, Systemic Toxicity and Hypersensitivity.

S.R. Hanson and L.A. Harker, Blood Coagulation and Blood-Materials Interaction.

F.J.Schoen, Tumorige


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@qu:"...this outstanding text deserves nothing but praise...The editors have brought together 57 authors, all of whom are at the very least extremely knowledgeable in their field, and, at best, are the unquestioned leaders... There is no topic related to biomaterials that is not covered somewhere in this book... The quality of the writing, the arrangement of information and the figures are all outstanding." @source:--POLYMER NEWS