Biomarkers in Toxicology

1st Edition

Editors: Ramesh C. Gupta
Hardcover ISBN: 9780124046306
eBook ISBN: 9780124046498
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 24th February 2014
Page Count: 1152
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Biomarkers in Toxicology is a timely and comprehensive reference dedicated to all aspects of biomarkers that relate to chemical exposure and their effects on biological systems. This book includes both vertebrate and non-vertebrate species models for toxicological testing and development of biomarkers. Divided into several key sections, this reference volume contains chapters devoted to topics in molecular-cellular toxicology, as well as a look at the latest cutting-edge technologies used to detect biomarkers of exposure and effects. Each chapter also contains several references to the current literature and important resources for further reading. Given this comprehensive treatment, Biomarkers in Toxicology is an essential reference for all those interested in biomarkers across several scientific and biomedical fields.

Key Features

  • Written by international experts who have evaluated the expansive literature to provide you with one resource covering all aspects of toxicology biomarkers
  • Identifies and discusses the most sensitive, accurate, unique and validated biomarkers used as indicators of exposure and effect of chemicals of different classes
  • Covers special topics and applications of biomarkers, including chapters on molecular toxicology biomarkers, biomarker analysis for nanotoxicology, development of biomarkers for drug efficacy evaluation and much more


Toxicologists, pharmacologists, biotechnologists, biologists, health professionals, environmental health specialists, and biomedical researchers in academic, industry and regulatory settings.

Table of Contents



List of Contributors

Part I: General

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Rodents model for toxicity testing and biomarkers


The rat

The mouse

The hamster

Concluding Remarks and Future Directions


Chapter 3. Minipig models for toxicity testing and biomarkers


Minipigs in Toxicological Testing

Biomarker Development and Qualification

Standard Biomarkers used in Minipig Toxicological Studies

Excipients and Vehicles

Future use and Challenges


Concluding Remarks and Future Directions


Chapter 4. Nonhuman primates in preclinical research


Nonhuman Primates as Animal Models

Clinical Pathology in Nonhuman Primates

Background Lesions in Nonhuman Primates

Concluding Remarks and Future Directions


Chapter 5. Biomarkers of toxicity in zebrafish


Zebrafish Background

Ecotoxicological Biomarkers of Toxicity

Examples of Biomarkers of Fish Toxicity

An Example of an Established Biomarker: Vitellogenin


Concluding Remarks and Future Directions


Chapter 6. Caenorhabditis elegans as a model for biomarkers of diseases and toxicities


C. Elegans and Biomarkers

Biomarkers for General Organ Damage

Neurodegenerative Diseases


Concluding Remarks and Future Directions


Chapter 7. Alternative animal toxicity testing and biomarkers


Use of Alternatives to Animal Testing and Biomarkers

Reasons for Developing Alternatives to Animal Tests and the Role of Biomarkers

Examples of Organizations Researching and Funding Alternat


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About the Editor

Ramesh C. Gupta

Affiliations and Expertise

Professor and Head, Toxicology Department, Breathitt Veterinary Center, Murray State University, Hopkinsville, KY, USA


"...thoroughly conveys the very important role that biomarkers play in biological research and other applications…provides an indepth reference resource for those in the field of toxicology and chemical safety assessment."--Lab Animal, Biomarkers in Toxicology

" important text for every toxicologist because the scope of the volume is greater than simply identifying indicators of adverse consequences of toxicants...will become a standard text and reference for every toxicologist."-International Journal of Toxicology"This is a thorough book, covering animal models, organ systems, and specific xenobiotic classes in biomarker research. Animal models and mechanisms of toxicity are particularly well covered…This is the first book of its kind, and it is a fantastic introduction and reference for anyone interested in biomarkers of toxicity." Rating: 3, June 6, 2014

“The book presents an excellent comprehensive discussion of biomarkers in various specialized areas of toxicology. These include toxicity testing models, biomarkers in biological systems and special physiological states such as certain disease conditions, specific agents as biomarkers, and biomarkers of special areas of interest such as petroleum products, radiation, nanoparticles and carcinogenesis. It strengthens the scientific information with discussions in biomarker applications in toxicology such as in biomonitoring, evaluation of pharmaceuticals and susceptibility, indicators of toxicity, computational toxicology and risk assessment. It is unique in the broad coverage in the overall areas and in the in-depth knowledge in each area. The discussion of biomarkers in biological or organ systems is particularly useful for an understanding of some issues relating to key toxicity endpoints for the nervous system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, ocular system, gastrointestinal system