Biology of Radioiodine

Biology of Radioiodine

Proceedings of the Hanford Symposium on the Biology of Radioiodine

1st Edition - January 1, 1964

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  • Editor: L. K. Bustad
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483282763

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Biology of Radioiodine presents the proceedings of the Hanford Symposium on the Biology of Radioiodine by the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission and the Hanford Laboratories of the General Electric Company, held in Richland, Washington, on July 17–19, 1963. This book discusses the biochemistry and physiology of radioiodine. Organized into 53 chapters, this compilation of papers begins with an overview of the comprehensive research program on radioiodine. This text then examines the risk in the occupations involving exposure to radiation. Other chapters consider the properties of different radioiodines, including fission yield, half-life, radiations, and precursors in the fission product decay series. This book discusses as well the empirical relationships relating the transfer of radioiodine from air to grass. The final chapter deals with biomedical considerations when large quantities of radioiodine are released in the environment. This book is a valuable resource for biologists, physiologists, biochemists, and scientists.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Statement of Problem

    Banquet Address—What Is a Permissible Dose?

    Physical Origin and Dispersion of Radioiodine

    Physical Origin and Dispersion of Radioiodine

    Radioiodine Release Incident at the Savannah River Plant

    Chemical and Physical Nature of Fallout I131 and Carrier-Free I131 Released in Air: An Abstract

    Physical and Chemical Form of I131 in Fallout

    Meteorological Processes in the Transport of Weapon Radioiodine

    Biological Disposition of Radioiodine

    Entry of I131 into Biological Systems and Man"s Food

    Biological Disposition of Radioiodine

    Loss of I131 from Fallout-Contaminated Vegetation

    Deposition of Iodine onto Plant Leaves from Air

    Foliar Sorption of I131 by Plants

    The Relationship Between I131 Concentrations in Various Environmental Samples

    Vegetation Retention and Vegetation-Milk Ratios of Fallout I131

    Patterns of I131 Levels in Pasteurized Milk Network

    Cooperative Field Studies on Environmental Factors Influencing I131 Levels in Milk

    Comparative Uptake of Iodine Isotopes via Several Routes of Entry in Different Species of Animals and Man

    Factors Influencing the Thyroid Uptake of Iodine Isotopes from Nuclear Fission

    Uptake of I131 by Fresh-Water Organisms: An Abstract

    Iodine Uptake from a Single Inhaled Exposure: An Abstract

    Thyroid Uptake of Radioiodine Following Various Routes of Administration

    Comparison of Ingestion to Inhalation Dose to Man from I131

    Metabolism of Te132—I132 in Lactating Sheep

    Radioiodine Uptake in Native Animals at the NRTS and Environs

    I131 in Milk and Thyroid of Dairy Cattle Following a Single Contamination Event and Prolonged Daily Administration

    Thyroidal Radioiodine Concentrations in North American Deer Following 1961-1963 Nuclear Weapons Tests

    Quantitative Relationships between Fallout Radioiodine on Native Vegetation and in the Thyroids of Herbivores

    Relation of Milk Secretion to Iodine in Milk: An Abstract

    Thyroidal Deposition in Man, Rat and Dog of Radioiodine from Milk and Non-Milk Sources

    Differential Accumulation of I131 from Local Fallout in People and Milk

    Radioiodine Concentration in Fetal Human Thyroid Gland from Fallout

    Uptake and Transfer of Fallout I131 in Pregnant Women

    Fallout I131 in Children—In Vivo Measurements

    Environmental I131 in Children and Adults—A Report on Recent Post Mortem and Whole Body Counter Measurements: An Abstract

    Estimation of the Distribution of Thyroid Doses in a Population Exposed to I131 from Weapons Tests

    I131 Dose to Human Thyroids in New York City from Nuclear Tests in 1962

    Weights of Human Thyroids in New York City

    Variability of the I131 Concentrations in the Milk Distribution System of a Large City

    Human Thyroid Uptake and Bodily Elimination of I131 for the Case of Single and Continual Ingestion of Bound Iodine in Resin-Treated Milk

    Thyroid Metabolism in Children and Adults Using Very Small (Nanocurie) Doses of I125 and I131

    Biological Effects of Radioiodine

    Comparative Early and Late Effects of Single and Prolonged Exposure in Young and Adults of Various Animal Species

    Comparative Early and Late Effects of Single and Prolonged Exposure to Radioiodine in Young and Adults of Various Animal Species

    Radiopathology and Dosimetry in the Thyroid Region of Goitrous Killifish Fed I131 under Euryhaline Conditions: An Abstract

    Effect of I131 on Reproductive Performance in Ewes

    Problems of Estimating the Hazard of Radioiodine Following a Nuclear Attack

    Comparative Effects of Radioiodine and X-Irradiation of the Thyroid

    Effects, Including Carcinogenesis, of I131 and X-Rays on the Thyroid of Experimental Animals

    Comparative Effects of I131 and X-Irradiation on Sheep Thyroids

    Induction of Neoplasms in Thyroid Glands of Rats by Subtotal Thyroidectomy and by Injection of One Microcurie of I131: An Abstract

    Carcinogenic Effects of I131 Compared With X-Irradiation

    Garcinogenic Effects of I131 Compared With X-Irradiation

    The Relationship Between Radiation Dose Delivered to the Thyroids of Children and the Subsequent Development of Malignant Tumours

    Prophylactic and Therapeutic Measures

    Prophylactic and Therapeutic Measures for Radioiodine Contamination

    Effect of I127 on Thyroid Uptake of Inhaled I131

    Experimental Studies on the Elimination of Radioiodine from the Body

    Effect of Varying Stable Iodine in Diets of Cows Fed I131 on Uptake of I131 in Man Drinking the Milk: An Abstract

    Conclusion and Acknowledgments

    Special Editorial

    Biomedical Considerations in Accidental Releases of Radioiodine

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  • No. of pages: 354
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Pergamon 1964
  • Published: January 1, 1964
  • Imprint: Pergamon
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483282763

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