Binan Goonj - 3rd Edition - ISBN: 9780729539364, 9780729579360

Binan Goonj

3rd Edition

Bridging cultures in Aboriginal health

Print ISBN: 9780729539364
eBook ISBN: 9780729579360
Imprint: Churchill Livingstone
Published Date: 26th May 2010


A newly-updated edition of the definitive textbook on Aboriginal Health issues

Binan Goonj, 3rd Edition: Bridging cultures in Aboriginal health is a comprehensive Indigenous health text which addresses key topics in a clear and accessible manner. 

Thoroughly updated and revised, the latest edition of Binan Goonj sheds light upon the many multidisciplinary topics within the complex field of Indigenous health.

With chapter titles including Empowerment in Aboriginal Health and Aboriginal Communities Today, this authoritative health resource has been widely adopted as a teaching text across Australia.

Despite years of research, policy changes and interventions, it is widely documented that the health status of many Aboriginal people remains the poorest in Australia.

Binan Goonj, 3rd Edition: Bridging cultures in Aboriginal health explores the processes and practices underlying this situation, while providing practical strategies to work towards redressing it.

This latest edition will engage a diverse readership and challenge students and health professionals alike to examine their own values and the use of power in Australian society.

Elsevier’s Evolve website provides extensive support material for nursing and health professions faculty and students, including:
 discussion questions
 suggested reading on Aboriginal health and related topics
 web links
 an instructor’s manual featuring course delivery tips including topics such as adult learning, attitudinal change, colonisation, government policies, Indigenous media sites and cross-cultural education resources
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Key Features

completely updated to reflect major Indigenous health policy changes since the second edition
an in-depth exploration of the collaboration between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people
the use of Aboriginal health case studies and critical incidences to bring academic discussion and analysis to life
processes that have been successfully incorporated into 18 years of cross-cultural workshops

Table of Contents



About the authors


1 Background to Aboriginal/non-Aboriginal interactions in Australia

2 Aboriginal communities today

3 Coping with change and violence

4 Cultural vitality

5 Culture shock

6 People Centred Care

7 Empowerment in Aboriginal health



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