Banking Automation - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780080161204, 9781483160238

Banking Automation

1st Edition

Data Processing Systems and Associated Equipment

Editors: G. W. A. Dummer F. P. Thomson J. Mackenzie Robertson
eBook ISBN: 9781483160238
Imprint: Pergamon
Published Date: 1st January 1971
Page Count: 1208
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The two volumes of BANKING AUTOMATION 1970-71 present - for the first time - comprehensive guidance on the vast range of methods and equipment which sophisticated electronic and systems engineering is contributing to the enhancement of efficiency and security in Banks, Finance Houses, Commercial and Industrial concerns throughout the world.

Volume I encompasses the field of data processing, and includes a considerable review of existing and potential applications for computers and associated systems, peripheral and verifying equipment in the continually expanding realm of banking and accountancy.

Volume II covers money and cheque handling equipment; communications systems; drive-in banking; safes and security equipment; closed-circuit television monitoring; intruder alarm systems; office and mailing machinery; paper and forms handling equipment; etc. , etc.

Useful features include a Directory of suppliers who specialise in the types of equipment, system-planning and services featured in these volumes; also a Glossary which is aimed to be of equal importance to readers with a bias of expertise in banking and money technology, or in automation. These features appear in Volume I.


Students and professionals working in finanacial institutions

Table of Contents



Index To Manufacturers' Products - Acknowledgements

Directory Of Firms Active In, Or Associated With, The Field Of Banking Automation

Glossary Of Banking, Data Processing And Computer Terminology

General Functional Index

Contents Indexed By Manufacturer

Chapter 1. Addo Data Collection

Introduction - The "Building Brick" Principle

Standard Principle Of Addo Data Collection System

Simplified Tape Punching

Sample Printout For Simplified Punching

Sales Ledger Posting With Translucent Cards And Tape Punching

Model 656 Tape Punching Unit

Plug Programmed Tape Punch, Model 42 -2331-03

Check Digit Verifier

Addo -X Shuttle -Carriage Machines With Electric Output

Chapter 2. Addressograph Source Data Automation

The Data Gathering Cycle Explained

Model 12 - 97 - 5 Data Recorder

Graphotype Class6400 Machines

Model 9500 Optical Code Reader

Model 9600 Optical Code Reader

Chapter 3. Aeg-Telefunken Bbk 2051 Document-To-Tape Converter

Blm 2051 Document Reading Machine

Chapter 4. Almex Ocr 52 Optical Character Recognition Reader

Almex Splicer

Chapter 5. Amp Syscorn Badge Readers

Chapter 6. Anker Model 620 Data Capturing Machine

Model 646 Credit Balance Machine

Model 702 And 702 (Special) Receipting Machines

Model 720 And 722 Receipting Machines

Model Bn 8000 Special Accounting Machine

Model Bn 5000 Gt Accounting Machine

Ads 2100 Stored Program Electronic Accounting Machine

Chapter 7. Anson-Jonker Optical Feature Card Index System

Chapter 8. Anson Opscan 70 Optical Scanning System

Principle Of Operation

Formats Available

Chapter 9. Arenco Bank Terminal System



Example Of Totally - Integrated Bank System Idiagram)

Data Transmission (Diagram)

Numeric Keyboard

Optical Character Recognition Tape Printer


Operating Use Of Teller Terminals

Bank Terminal Types

Three Represent Ativetrans Actions

Chapter 10. Bell Optical Document Sorter, Ods-1


Operating Modes

Lay-Out Of Forms For Ocr-A Font - Size 1

Key Panels

Automation In The Postal Cheque Office

Chapter 11. Burroughs Datacom

B 500 Electronic Data Processing System

Tc 500 Terminal Computer

Chapter 12. Canadian Westinghouse Wand Alpha Numeric Display

Applications In Finance

Digital - To Video Converter



Graphical Capability

Typical Single Channel System

Typical Single Channel System With Dual Input

And Split Screen Display

Chapter 13. Canadian Westinghouse Wand Alpha Numeric Display (Contd)

Typical Dual Channel System

Typical Dual Channel System With Triple Einput And One Split Screen Display

Chapter 14. C.N.E.T. Equipment For Transmission And Visual Presentation Of Signatures

Chapter 15. Collins C-8500 System

Tmx -202 Fsk Data Modems

Te-216 Wireline Data Modems

Chapetr 16. Compat 88-23 Batch Data Terminal

Chapter 17. Computer Instrumentation 9000 Series Magnetic Tape Conversion System

Chapter 18. Computer Technology Modular One


Central Concentrator For Many Bankb Branches (Diagram)

Computing Terminal For Large Bank Branches (Diagram)

Chapter 19. Cossor Csd 1000 High Speed Graphics Display

Dids 400 Digital Information Display System

Dids Cosprite Tape Editing Display

Chapter 20. Creed: The Evolution Of The Dataprinter

Envoy Electronic Data Printer

Model 7 P /N Keyboard Tape Punch

Model 90 Tape Verifier

Chapter 21. Crosfield Series 8100 Document Readers

8100p System

8100m Magnetic Tape Output

9300 Reader/Sorter

Chapter 22. Cummins Model 216 Original Document Processing System


Perforated Coupon System

Master Layout Template

Computers In Housing Management (Application)

A. I. S. Rent Collection System (Application)

Chapter 23. Data Dynamics Dd/Forster Punched Card Readers

110 Tape Punch

Dcr 1 Data Card Reader

Chapter 24. Data Recognition Dr 300 Document Reader

Dr 500 Document Reader

Chapter 25. Datasaab: The Nordic Bank Terminal - A General Survey Of The Spadab Bank Information Project

Bank Terminals

Chapter 26. Datatech Computer/Modem Isolator

Chapter 27. Digital Pdp-8/L And Pdp-8/I Computers

Pdp-10 Computer

Pdp-12 Computer

Chapter 28. Digital (Contd)

Pdp-15 Computer Systems

Chapter 29. Elwro Odra 1204 Computer System

Odra 1300 Computer System

Chapter 30. Enm Data Capture And Accounting Terminal

Business Data Enscriber

Micr And Ocr Numbering Equipment Service

Chapter 31. Farrington: The Typing-Scanning Approach To Edp Input

Model 3010 Multifont Document Reader

Model 3030 Page Reader

Model 4040 Computerized Multifont Journal Tape Reader

Chapter 32. Ferranti Argus 400 Computer

Argus 600 Computer

Display Terminals

Chapter 33. Ferranti Display Terminals (Contd)

Remote Terminal Display Equipment, Tdm 1000 And Tdm 2000 Series

Chapter 34. Force Automatic Serial Numbering For Optical Scanning

Standard Force Optical Recognition Characters

Chapter35. Friden Flexowriter Writing Machine, Model Micr

2301 Flexowriter Automatic Writing Machine

2210/2211 Flexowriter Automatic Writing Machines

2261 Flexo Writer Automatic Writing Machine

2301 Flexowriter Automatic Writing Machine, Programatic Model

2345 Flexowriter Automatic Writing Machine

Type Styles

Model 30 Collectadata Data Collection Network

4201 Tape Converter

5005 Computyper Invoicing Machine

5610 Computyper Data Processor

Modular Data Transaction System

Chapter 36. Gec-Aei Data Modem, Type Ted0136

Chapter 37. G, E. I. S. Ge-100 Series Information Processing Systems

Typical Systems (Schematic Diagrams)

Peripheral Subsystems


Dial A-Computer Service

Chapter 38. General· Computer Systems Data/Tape 2100 Key-To-Tape Data Input System


Typical System (Diagram)

Chapter 39. General· Electric Ge-400 Time-Sharing Information Systems

System Configuration

Data Structure Diagram

Integrated Store Data - System Facilities

Banking Inquiry And Response System - Typical Configurations

Coc-5 Bar Font Reader

Drd200 Coc-5 Document Reader

Mrs200 Magnetic Reader/Sorter

Application Profile: Ohio National Bank Computersboost Instalment Loan Accounting

Application Profile: Pitts Burgh National Bank Uses I-D-S In Trust Department

Chapter 40. Graphic Displays Etom 2000 Series Graphic Display Terminals

Transfer And Organisation Of Data

Block Diagram Of Output Device

Chapter 41. Hawker Siddeley Dynamics Dynascan 1200 Data Collection System

Various Combinations Of Report Station Units For Different Requirements (Diagram)

Chapter 42. Hewlett-Packard Hp 2005a Real - Time Executive System

Parallel Output Optical Mark Reader

Chapter 43. Houston Instrument Complot Dp-1 Digital Plotter

Complot D P - 3 Digital Plotter

Complot Dp-5 High Speed Digital Plotter

Complot Mtr-1 Magnetic Tape Reader

Complot Mtr-9 Offline Digital Plotting System

Complot Ptc - 3 Remote Time Sharing Digital

Plotting System

Chapter 44.Hugin Eda Data Processing System


Number Of Records Per Cassette (Chart)

Code Construction

Method Of Operation

Chapter 45. Ibm 3980 Bank Teleprocessing System

2065 Processing Unit

2260 Display Station

2314 Direct Access Storage Facility, Models Ao1 And Ao2

1288 Optical Page Reader

1260 Electronic Inscriber

Chapter 46. Icl System 4-70 Computer System

Examples Of Instructiontimes


Input/Output Devices

Chapter 47.Company Computer Payroll System

Operation Of Regular Routines

The Method - An Outline Of Company

Operation Of Special Routines

Typical Tabulations

Chapter 48. Prop (Profit Rating Of Projects) Package

The Three States Of Profit Analysis

Handling Of Profit Evaluation

Two-Page Printout For Prop Profit Evaluation

Handling Of Uncertainty

Single-Page Printout For Prop Risk Analysis

Prop And Decision Trees

Chapter 49. Imperial Optical Character Printer Units

Ocr A Specifications

Ocr B Specifications


Farrington Specifications

Chapter 50. Interdata Programmable Data Communication Systems

Firmware (Programmable Hardware)

Interdata/Ibm 360 Interface

Interdata / Burroughs 5500 Interface


Standard Instruction Repertoire

Chapter 51. Interscan Ocr 52 High Speed Journal Roll Reader

Chapter 52. Intertechnique Multi-8 Computer

System Console Details

M301 Standard Microprogramme Package

M 301 Organisation (Diagram)

M 301 Instruction Set

Chapter 53. I. S. I. Model 1041 Word Processor

Model 1048 Computer - Based Invoicing System

Model 1048 Processor

Chapter 54. Isot Zit-151 Digital Electronic Computer

Schematic Diagram

Chapter 55.J. H, D. P . Flowcharter Package

Advantages Of Automatic Flowcharting

Output (Diagrammatic)

Example Of Output


Minimum Configuration

Chapter 56. Jolley Jlp-7 Automatic Feature Card Punch

Chapter 57. Kienzle Accounting Machine, Class 700


Models 700/700rw/700rw T

Chapter 58. Kienzle (Contd)

System 800 Visible Record Computer

5000 Visible Record Computer

6000 Visible Record Computer

Chapter 59.Kode 72b Key Punch And Verifier

Chapter 60. Lenkurt 25b Data Transmission System

Chapter 61. Litton Ebs/1210 Electronic Business System

Ebs/ 1231 Electronic Business System

Chapter 62. Marconi-Elliott Videodata 4000 Terminal

Advanced Character Generation

Transmission Methods

System Expansion

Character Set

Chapter 63. Micro Computer Systems Minic Microprogrammed Computer

Input/Output Characteristics

Method Of Use

Instruction Formats

Compound Instructions

Inter - Register Instructions

System Schematic

Chapter 64. Mitsubishi Melcom 83 Computer

Hardware (Schematic Diagram)

Muldivo Digiputer

Chapter 65. Ncr Century 100 Data Processing System

Century 200 Data Processing System

Neat/ 3 Language

795 Data Display System

Chapter 66. 450 Bank Proof Machine

41 Bank Teller's Machine

735 Magnetic Tape Encoder

Chapter 67. Olivetti Tc 349 Terminal

Tc 349 Bl Real - Time Banking Terminal

Audiotronic 77 System

Editor Electric Type Writers, Models 4, 4c And 5

Optical Character Recognition - Tekne 4 Electric Typewriter

Model 8001 And 8101 Optical Character Encoders

Chapter 68. Olympia Ocr Electric Typewriter

Mds 1800 - Olympia Series

Chapter 69. Pca Data Processing Accessories

Chapter 70. Philips P350 Office Computers

Data 4000 Electronic Data Processing Equipment

Chapter 71. Plessey Pt600/ 1200pt Mark Iii Data Transmission Systems

Chapter 72. Rank Xerox Computer Forms Printer

Chapter 73. Raytheon 704 Computer

Aid Applications Interface Device

Chapter 74. Rdl M . T . D . 10,000 Series Incremental /Continuous Magnetic Tape Recorder /Tape Reader

Operating Specifications - Write Only

Operating Specifications - Read Only

Chapter 75. Redifon Keycheck System

Chapter 76. Regnecentralen Rc 2000 Paper Tape Reader

Rc 2100 Automatic Tape Winder

Rc Mechanical Punch

Rc 3000 Converter

Rc 3000 Converter System With Dtc 100 Data Transmission Controller

Rc 3000 Model 4000 Converter Off-Line Printer

Rc 4000 Computer

Rc 315 Input/Output Typewriter

Rc 4121 Input/Output Typewriter Controller

Rc 150 Paper Tape Punch

Rc 4171 Paper Tape Punch Controller

Rc 2000 Paper Tape Reader (Supplements Data On P. 820).

Rc 4161 Paper Tape Reader Controller

Chapter 77. Revenue Systems The Cost Of Cash (Article)

Chapter 78. Sagem Spe Electronic Teleprinter 8/200 Electronic Teleprinter

Ms 300 Disc Memories

Chapter 79. Scan-Data 200 Single-Font Page Reading System

300 Multi-Font Page Reading System

Chapter 80. Sealectro Card, Stub, And Badge Readers

Static Punched Badge Readers

Chapter 81. S. E . L . Type Fze 02 Code Teleswitch

Type Lo 133 Page Printer With Form Facility

Type Lo 133p Programming Page Printer

Type Ls 200 Automatic Tape Transmitter

Type Plag 01 Party-Line Connection Set

Type Ru-30, Ru-30-D, Tr-30 Multi-Purpose Punched Tape Reader Unit 892type Ods-2 Optical Document Sorter

Type Oda-6 Optical Document Reader Adapter

Chapter 82.Standard Register Source Record Punch, Models 1730, 1735 And 1635

Chapter 83. S. T. C. Gh-210 Medium Speed Data Communication System

600 Adx Management Information Routing System

Direct Keying System At The National Giro Centre

Chapter 84. Stock Exchange (London) Market Price Display Service

Schematic Diagram Of System

Chapter 85. Stromberg Datagraphix Sd 1110 Charactron Display System

Equipment Schematic


Specific Logical Functions


Chapter 86. Teletype Model 37 Data Terminals

Car Data Equipment

Chapter 87. Thorn Bendix Datastore, Model 2501

Chapter 88. Trend Trendata 70 System

H. S. R. 500 Tape Reader

Automatic Calling Equipment No. 1

Chapter 89. Tri-Data Cartrifile 4096

System Block Diagram

Error Correction System

Chapter 90. Univac 418 III Computing System

9400 System

Dct-500 Data Communication Terminal

Uniscope 100 Display Terminal

Uniscope 300 Visual Communication Terminal

2703 Optical Document Reader

Chapter 91. Wright Punch, Model 2600

Printing Punch, Model 2629

Chapter 92. Wyle Computerminal, Model 600

Modes - Keys

Applications - Interface Characteristics

Chapter 93. E.M.I.Emitape 211 Industry Compatible Computer Tape

Chapter 94. Thames Ribbons For Computer Output Printers

Chapter 95. Jenkins Fidgeonindustry Compatible Magnetic Computer Tape

Reels And Accessories

Slipway Storage Racks

Cabinets And Trolleys

Mtc/3 Magnetic Tape Cleaner

Chapter 96. Pca Tape Accessory Equipment'

Stormost Tape Andfilm Racking

Tape-Seal Library Storage Unit

Thermopress Paper Tape Splicer

Daprotape Splicer

Binder Equipment

Tape Transit Cases - Tape Gauge

Chapter 97. Regnecentralenpaper Tape Gauge

Chapter 98. Thames Electric And Hand Tape Winders


Chapter 99. Twinlock Crystal Tape File

Chapter 100. Waterlowp. E. T. And Syntosil Tapes

Chapter 101. Trenddata Transmission Test Set No. 1-3

Data Transmissiontest Set No. 2

High Speed Data Transmissiontest Set No. 5

Distortion Generator Type 3

Chapter 102. Crosfield Micrex Large Sheet Magnetic Ink Printing Tester

Chapter 103. 3m Series F Electron Beam Recorder System

3m Filmac 400 16mm Cartridge Reader-Printer

Chapter 104. Bell &Amp; Howell Director 1 Microfilm Recorder

Tab-Tronic Microfilm Recorder

Intermediate 16mm Microfilm Recorder

Genoa Continuous Microfilm Processor

Unit One Microfilm System

Autoload Reader/Printer

Reporter Reader/Printer

Reader/Filler 1600 And Jacket Systems

404 Print Er / Processor

Headliner Microfiche Reader

Diplomatmicrofiche Camera

Specialist I And Ii Microfilm Processors

Model 2l0k Recorder - Feeder- Signer

Chapter 105. Computer Instrumentation: 180 Microfilm Printer

System And Configuration (Diagram)

High-Volume, Off-Line Micro-Film Printer (Article)

Chapter 106. Crosfield 8300 High Speed Microfilming System

Chapter 107. Ozalid Three-Four Enlarger Printer

Dagmar Microfilm Readers

35mm Microfilm Viewer

Chapter 108. Recordak Miracode System

Kom-90 Microfilmer

Reliant 600-K Microfilmer, Model Hrw-1

Microstar Reader, Model Pr-1

Commercial Reader, Models 2a-R And 2-R

Summary Of Recordak Microfilm Systems

Chapter 109. Stromberg Datagraphix

1325/3500 Inquiry Station/Demand Printer

Sd 3400 Production Hardcopy Printer

Sd 1700 Micromation Inquiry Station

Sd 3500 Demand Hardcopy Printer

Sd 4360 Micromation Printer

Sd 4440 Micromation Printer

1700 Roll Film Inquiry Stations (Diagram)

1325 Microfiche Inquiry Station (Diagram)

Sd 92 Kalvar Film Copier

96 105mm Kalvar Microfiche Copier

Sd 156 Film Processor

Chapter 110. British Equipment Soval Single Operator Validation System

B.E. 500 Paper Tape Punch Verifier


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