Automated Systems Based on Human Skill (Joint Design of Technology and Organisation)

1st Edition


  • Terence Martin
  • D. Brandt
  • Automated Systems Based on Human Skill (Joint Design of Technology and Organisation)

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    These proceedings contain the papers presented at the 5th IFAC Symposium on Automated Systems Based on Human Skill, held in Berlin, Germany, 26-28 September 1995. The symposium, like previous ones in the series, brought together researchers, developers and users of complex human-machine systems. Discussions covered manufacturing, process control, aircraft and air traffic control, and administrative processes with an emphasis on how to design such systems and integrate both developers and users into the design process. The main issues addressed, therefore, were the joint engineering of production processes, information technology and work organisation and the possibility that this may lead to the re-definition of human operators in process automation.


    For all researchers, developers and users of complex human-machine systems.

    Table of Contents

    Selected chapter headings and selected papers: Plenary Papers. Participative aspects of community R & D projects (R. Mackay). Process Control: Human Process Communication. Applying human-process-communication to process industry (M. Heim et al.). Shopfloor Control and Management Systems. Specialized computer architecture for dynamic control of operators (E.K. Pandov, A.Tz. Popandreeva). Improving Quality of Working Life. Cognitive ergonomics and empowering organisations (M. Mariani et al.). Administrative Processes II. Knowledge distribution in organisations (M. Kirikova). Machines Learning to See and to Act. Behavioural cloning: phenomena, results and problems (I. Bratko et al.). Environmental Engineering. A new path to self-sustaining markets for photovoltaic (A. Kreutzmann et al.). Sociotechnical Design of Production. Integrated design engineering and the work-force (F. Emspak). Aircraft and Air-Traffic Control. The development of the final approach spacing tool (FAST): a cooperative controller-engineer design approach (K.K. Lee, T.J. Davis). Technology-Art-Craftsmanship-and People. Technology is the art of realising craftsmanship (M.J. Platts). Author Index.


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    About the editors

    Terence Martin

    Affiliations and Expertise

    Consultant in Anaesthetics and Intensive Care Medicine, Royal Hampshire County Hospital, Winchester, UK; Associate Professor, Department of Surgery, St George's University School of Medicine, Granada

    D. Brandt

    Affiliations and Expertise

    University of Technology (RWTH), (IMA/HDZ), Aachen, Germany