Key Features

  • Presents the most logical and useful approach to dental and oral radiography, using actual anatomical photographs for accurate clinical correlation
  • Depicts original and color-labeled radiographs side-by-side for accurate identification of normal and abnormal structures
  • Helps both veterinarians and technicians take the best possible radiographs, interpret them accurately, make sound treatment decisions, and monitor results
  • Provides clear, technical guidance for taking quality radiographs and identifying artefacts and results of improper imaging technique and film development
  • Presents clear pictorial instructions – from 2 angles – for correct positioning of the X-ray beam and intraoral films
  • Offers new opportunities for expanded professional services and revenues in your practice
  • Provides proof of compliance with standards of care for medical record documentation, helping you legally protect yourself, your staff, and your practice

Table of Contents

Part 1 Introduction

1. Introduction to Dental Radiography

Part 2 Radiographic Anatomy

2. Intraoral Radiographic Anatomy of the Dog

3. Intraoral Radiographic Anatomy of the Cat

4. Temporomandibular Joint

Part 3 Radiographic Evidence of Pathology

5. Periodontal Disease

6. Endodontic Disease

7. Dental Resorptive Lesions

8. Swelling and Neoplasia

9. Developmental Dental Abnormalities

10. Trauma

11. Miscellaneous Conditions

Part 4 Obtaining Diagnostic Dental Radiographs

12. Technique

13. Equipment


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Shoreline Veterinary Dental Clinic, Seattle, WA

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