Assessment and Therapy

1st Edition

Specialty Articles from the Encyclopedia of Mental Health

Print ISBN: 9780122678066
eBook ISBN: 9780080527635
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 21st May 2001
Page Count: 341
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Assessment and Therapy is a derivative volume of articles pulled from the award-winning Encyclopedia of Mental Health, presenting a comprehensive overview of assessing and treating the many disorders afflicting mental health patients, including alcohol problems, Alzheimer's disease, depression, epilepsy, gambling, obsessive-compulsive disorder, phobias, and suicide.

According to 1990 estimates, mental disorders represent five of the ten leading causes of disability. Among "developed" nations, including the United States, major depression is the leading cause of disability. Also near the top of these rankings are bipolar depression, alcohol dependence, schizophrenia, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. In addition, mental disorders are tragic contributors to mortality, with suicide perennially representing one of the leading preventable causes of death worldwide.

Assessment and Therapy describes the impact of mental health on the individual and society and illustrates the factors that aid positive mental health. Twenty-six peer-reviewed articles written by more than 40 expert authors include essential material on assessing and treating schizophrenia, manic-depressive illness, major depression, anxiety disorders, and other mental illnesses. Professionals and libraries will find this timely work indispensable.


Clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers

Table of Contents

About the Editors. How to Use the Encyclopedia. M.C. Maultsby, Jr., and M. Wirga, Assessment of Mental Health in Older Adults, Behavior Therapy.

R.M. Kaplan and D.N. Kerner, Behavioral Medicine.

E.E. Labbé, Biofeedback.

R.J. Haier, Brain Scanning/Neuroimaging.

K.C. Faller, Child Sexual Abuse.

T.R. Sarbin and E. Keen, Classifying Mental Disorders: Nontraditional Approaches.

E. Gambrill, Clinical Assessment.

M.E. Weishaar, Cognitive Therapy.

E. Seidman and S.E. French, Community Mental Health.

R.A. Neimeyer and A.E. Stewart, Contstructivist Psychotherapies.

A. DeLongis and S. Newth, Coping with Stress.

K.T. Sullivan and A. Christensen, Couples Therapy.

R.F. Muñoz, Depression--Applied Aspects.

S.A. Graham-Bermann, Domestic Violence Intervention.

J.J.B. Allen, DSM-IV.

P. Barker, Family Therapy.

J.F. Kihlstrom, Hypnosis and the Psychological Unconscious.

R. Friedman, P. Myers, and H. Benson, Meditation and the Relaxation Response.

P.T. Costa, Jr., and R.R. McCrae, Personality Assessment.

L.W. Roberts, T. McCarty, and S.K. Severino, Premenstrual Syndrome Treatment Interventions.

M.J. Horowitz, Psychoanalysis.

N.E. Grunberg, L.C. Klein, and K.J. Brown, Psychopharmacology.

D. Bhugra and P. de Silva, Sexual Dysfunction Therapy.

R.M. Dawes, Standards for Psychotherapy.

B.H. Gottlieb, Support Groups.

Encyclopedia of Mental Health Executive Advisory Board. Contributors. In


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"This is an easy to read and well-organized reference on the latest trends in assessment and therapy for mental disorders... This is a concise and focused reference work extracted from Encyclopedia of Mental Health... The book is very useful and efficient for its target audience of students, researchers, and practicing clinicians. It is a well-organized, informative review of topical mental health trends in assessment and therapy." --Doody Review Services