The authoritative articles in this book represent the state-of-the-art in arsenic research. Arsenic experts from around the world - participants in the Fifth International Conference on Arsenic Exposure and Health Effects organized by the Society for Environmental Geochemistry and Health in 2002 - present their critical findings. The authors share their latest arsenic research findings in Occurrence, Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Animal Models, Mode of Action, Mode of Action, Risk Estimation, Intervention and Medical Treatment, and Water Treatment and Remediation.

As in past conferences, the first report of elevated arsenic exposures in a new country was given. The Conference introduced the finding of arsenic contamination in Nepal and updates of the arsenic problems in Bangladesh, India, Vietnam are included.

A vital contribution to arsenic study and policy making, this volume examines the global impact of the toxin and discusses arsenic in the environment, mechanisms of arsenic metabolism and carcinogenesis, water treatment technology, and medical care. Arsenic Exposure and Health Effects V offers informed, challenging insights into a highly important and controversial topic.

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Occurrence & Exposure. Groundwater arsenic exposure in India (D. Chakraborti, M.K. Sengupta et al.). Groundwater arsenic contamination in Nepal: A new challenge for water supply sector (R.R. Shrestha, M.P. Shrestha et al.). Environmental impacts, exposure assessment and health effects related to arsenic emissions from a coal-fired power plant in central Slovakia; the EXPASCAN study (I. Thornton, M.E. Farago et al.). Trivalent arsenic species: Analysis, stability, and interaction with a protein (G. Jiang, X. Lu et al.). Arsenic in Yellowknife, North West Territories, Canada (W.R. Cullen, E. Polishchuk et al.). Occurrence of public health and environmental hazards and potential remediation of arsenic-containing soils, sediments, surface water and groundwater at the Lava Cap Mine NPL Superfund Site in Nevada County, CA (G.F. Lee, A. Jones-Lee). Investigation of arsenic release from sediment materials to water phases (Tran Hong Con, Nguyen Thi Hanh et al.). Arsenic and heavy metal contamination of rice, pulses and vegetables grown in Samta village, Bangladesh (M.G.M. Alam, E.T. Snow, A. Tanaka). Epidemiology. Criteria for case definition of arsenicosis (D.N.G. Mazumder). Arsenic exposure alters purine metabolism in rats, mice, and humans (L.M. Del Razo, E.A. García-Montalvo, O.L. Valenzuela). Risk analysis of non-melanoma skin cancer incidence in arsenic exposed population (V. Bencko, J. Rameš et al.). Effect of arsenic-contaminated drinking water on skin cancer prevalence in Wisconsin's Fox River Valley (L. Knobeloch, H. Anderson). Biomarkers and Animal Models. Alteration of GSH level, gene expression and cell transformation in NIH3T3 cells by chronic exposure to low dose of arsenic (Yu Hu, Ximei Jin et al.). Laboratory and field evaluation of potential arsenic exposure fr


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