Volume 73. Applications of Diamond Films and Related Materials

1st Edition

Proceedings of the First International Conference on the Applications of Diamond Films and Related Materials - ADC '91, Auburn, Alabama, U.S.A., August 17-22, 1991



An intensifying interest from the scientific, technical, and industrial community in the new diamond technology can be attested to by the wide range of contributions in this proceedings volume. The papers discuss topics such as the applications of diamond films and related wide bandgap semiconductors and superhard materials. These materials are rapidly becoming economically significant due to their combination of superior properties: great hardness, high thermal conductivity, chemical inertness, high stiffness, high carrier mobilities, etc. Initial commercial products employing the new diamond technology are already on the market. These include diamond loudspeakers, diamond X-ray windows, diamond bonders, diamond cutting tools, and heads for magnetic disks coated with diamond-like carbon. The developments reported in this volume are important not only in terms of their own markets, but, also because they are expected to enable a wide range of other new products and production methods.

Table of Contents

A selection. 1. Introduction.Applications of bulk and thin-film diamonds (M. Seal). A chemical perspective on the nucleation and growth of diamond from hydrocarbon (W.A. Yarbrough). 2. Diamond Cutting Tools.Tool application of diamond and CBN (S. Yazu, T. Nakai). Industrial application and quality control of diamond coated carbide tools (T. Leyendecker et al.). 3. Mechanical Properties and Applications of Diamond. An investigation of diamond growth on ferrous metals (H. Chen et al.). Residual stress in CVD diamond films (H. Guo, M. Alam). 4. Diamond Optics. CVD diamond coatings for the infrared by optical brazing (W.D. Partlow et al.). Liquid jet impact measurements in diamond coated Ge substrates (M. Wilson et al.). 5. Polishing of Diamond Films. Reactive polishing of polycrystalline diamond and measured spectroscopic properties (A.B. Harker). Light-induced polishing of diamond films (V.N. Tokarev, V.I. Konov). 6. Thermal Management. Electronic circuits on diamond substrates (P. Lux, K. Roberts). Thermal conductivity and optical transmission of CVD diamond (K.J. Gray, A. Feldman). 7. Diamond Electronics. Novel electron devices based on the unique properties of diamond (M.N. Yoder). CVD diamond coated cylinders for advanced thermionic fuel element (S.F. Adams, M.I. Landstrass). 8. Diamond Nucleation and Selective Deposition. Effect of substrate materials on CVD diamond growth (F. Akatsuka, F. Shimura). Electrophoretic deposition of colloidal diamond for selective CVD growth of diamond films (J.L. Valdes et al.). 9. High-Rate and Large-Area Diamond Film Production. Growth process of diamond film by arc discharge plasma jet CVD (N. Ohtake et al.). Upscaling of the hot-filament CVD process for deposition of diamond films on large area substrates (L. Schafer et al.). 10. Diamond Growth. Effects of multi


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