Anomalous Rare Earths and Actinides - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9781483229485, 9781483257235

Anomalous Rare Earths and Actinides

1st Edition

Valence Fluctuation and Heavy Fermions

Editors: J.X. Boucherle J. Flouquet C. Lacroix
eBook ISBN: 9781483257235
Imprint: North Holland
Published Date: 1st January 1987
Page Count: 734
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Anomalous Rare Earths and Actinides: Valence Fluctuation and Heavy Fermions focuses on the characteristics, reactions, transformations, technologies, and processes involved in the study of anomalous rare earths and actinides.
The selection first offers information on lanthanides and actinides and electronic structures in cerium monopnictides. Topics include rare earth metals with fluctuating valencies, 'normal' rare earth metals, and band calculation and Fermi surface. The text then elaborates on neutron scattering studies of anomalous rare earth compounds, including magnetic neutron scattering measurements, stability and localization of magnetic moments, and condensed state.
The manuscript examines the transport properties of cerium monochalcogenides and pressure-volume relationships of cerium monochalcogenides and monopnictides. The text also ponders on the theory of anisotropic magnetic behavior in hybridizing actinide systems; band hybridization effects on indirect magnetic coupling of localized moments; and neutron scattering from transuranium materials. The selection is a dependable reference for readers interested in the research on anomalous rare earths and actinides.

Table of Contents





Lanthanides and actinides. A historical perspective (Invited paper)

Cerium magnetic compounds

Electronic structures in cerium monopnictides (Invited paper)

Low-frequency magnetic excitations in cerium monopnictides

Neutron scattering studies of anomalous rare earth compounds (Invited paper)

Pressure dependent magnetoresistivity of the heavy fermion system, CePb3

High field magnetization, magnetoresistance and Hall effect of CePb3 at very low temperatures and high pressures

Crystal-field-excitations in CePb3

Magnetic properties of the Kondo lattice CeGa2

CeCu5: Another Kondo lattice showing magnetic order

Physical properties of CeMo6S8 single crystals

Transport properties of cerium monochalcogenides

Magnetic properties of the CeBi1-xTex solid solutions under pressure

Pressure-volume relationships of cerium monochalcogenides and monopnictides

High pressure neutron and magnetization investigations of the magnetic ordering in CeSb

A neutron study of the anomalous magnetic interactions in CeSb

On the heavy fermion ferromagnetic system Ce4Bi3

Neutron scattering study of the antiferroquadrupolar ordering in CeB6 and Ce0.75La0.25B6

Magnetoelastic studies on Ce1-xLaxB6 single crystals

Thermal expansion of La1-xCexB6 single crystals

Magnons in CeAl2

The unusual excitation spectrum of CeAl2

High field magnetoresistance and Hall effect of CeAl2 at low temperatures

Negative thermal expansion in the Kondo system CexLa1-xAl2

Magnetic and transport properties of Kondo compound α-Ce3Al

Magnetic properties of Ce(Rh1-xRux)2Si2 solid solutions

An inelastic neutron scattering study on the heavy fermion systems CeCu2Ge2 and CeAg2Ge2

CeCu2Ge2: Magnetic order in a Kondo lattice

Magnetic heavy-electron compound CeCu1.54Si1.46

From Fermi liquid to ferromagnetism in the CeSi2-xGex: system

Anomalous crystal field effects in the specific heat of Ce-heavy fermion compounds

Properties of CeInAg2-xCux Heusler phases

Specific heat, magnetic susceptibility and transport properties of polycrystalline CeInAu and CeInAu2

Electrical resistivity of the Kondo compound CeMg under high pressures

Neutron diffraction and magnetic studies of CeZn and NdZn single crystals

Magnetic properties of the CeNi0.8Pt0.2 dense Kondo ferromagnet studied on a single crystal

Actinide magnetic systems

Theory of anisotropie magnetic behavior in hybridizing actinide systems (Invited paper)

Band hybridization effects on indirect magnetic coupling of localized moments

Magnetism of actinide-3d Laves phases intermetallics

Neutron scattering from transuranium materials (Invited paper)

121Sb Mössbauer spectroscopy in plutonium monopnictides PuSb1-xTex(0 ≤ x ≤ 0.4)

Transport properties of the PuSb1-xTex solid solution

Magnetic ordering in PuBi

Mössbauer study of hyperfine interactions in NpAs at high pressure

Neutron scattering study of the magnetic phase diagram of NpAs

The magnetism of the uranium chalcogenides

Specific heat of UAs1-xSbx and USb1-xTex single crystals at low temperatures

Electrical resistivity of the UAs1-xSex solid solutions

Single crystal investigation of the magnetic phase diagram of UP-US

A study of UA12 and UAs by muon spin rotation and relaxation (μSR)

Effects of pressure on the U1-xLaxTe compounds

Anomalous behavior of the metallic perovskite URh3B

Hall effect and magnetoresistance in the heavy-electron compound UCu5 at ambient pressure and 1 GPa

Magnetic and electrical properties of the UCu5-UPd5 system

Temperature dependence of the magnetic excitation in URu2Si2

Magnetic interactions on (La-Ac)T2X2 systems with ThCr2Si2 type crystal structure

Observation of spin-glass-like behavior in (Y,U)B4

Magnetic properties of the (U,Th)(Cr,Mn)4Al8 compounds

On the magnetic behavior of UGaT series

Magnetic order in UPt3 with 5% Pd

Single impurity theory

Thermodynamics of the S = 3/2 Coqblin-Schrieffer model in a magnetic field: comparison with experiments on Ce in LaB6

Theory of U impurities in metals in a j-j coupling scheme

Crystal field effects in Kondo systems

Neutron scattering in cerium Kondo compounds

Theory of the nuclear relaxation rates

Neutron scattering linewidth for cerium Kondo impurities

Phenomenological resonance model with anisotropy

On self-consistent approximations for rare-earth models

Group theoretical selection rules for f-c hybridization

Bethe ansatz solution of a model for a mixed valent impurity with two magnetic configurations: charge fluctuations and thermodynamic properties

Theory of the heavy fermions in the normal phase

Kondo effect, one and two Kondo impurities: implications for the lattice problem (Invited paper)

Theory for the coherence effects in the Kondo lattice (Invited paper)

Fluctuations and dissipation in the Kondo lattice

Perturbative result of two-impurity Anderson model in the Kondo limit

Two Kondo impurity problem: relevance to heavy fermions

Bandstructure of heavy fermions in CeCu2Si2 and CeAl3

Approximate treatments of periodic intermediate valence/ heavy fermion systems

1/N expansion for the lattice Anderson model

Diagrammatic analysis of the Anderson lattice ground state

Influence of crystal field on the sound velocity in cerium Kondo systems

Microscopic theory of elastic anomalies in unstable moment systems

Heavy fermions: cerium compounds

Electron-phonon coupling in heavy fermion systems (Invited paper)

Heavy fermion state in CeCu6 (Invited paper)

A neutron scattering study of magnetic excitations in the heavy fermion compound CeCu6

Investigation of the magnetic correlations in CeCu6

De Haas-van Alphen effect studies in CeCu6

Transport properties of CeCu6 at very low temperature

Thermal conductivity of (CexLa1-x)Cu6

Growing and purification of a CeCu6 single crystal

Elastic properties of the Kondo lattice compound CeCu6

Lattice distortion in CeCu6

Grüneisen parameter coupling and CEF-effects in unstable cerium systems: CeNi and CeCu6

De Haas-van Alphen study of LaCu6, PrCu6, NdCu6 and SmCu6

A polarized heavy fermion system: CeRu2Si2

Heat capacity study of the (La-Ce)Ru2Si2 and (Ce-Y)Ru2Si2 Kondo systems

Magnetism changes in Ge and Os substituted CeRu2Si2

Specific heat and pressure effects in the Kondo lattice compound CePt2Si2

Pressure dependences of the specific heats of UPt3, UBe13 and CeAl3

Heavy-fermion, Kondo, spin glass-like and antiferromagnetic behavior in (Ce,Gd)Al3

Hall effect in heavy fermion systems

Seebeck coefficient of heavy fermion compounds

Comparison of the phonon density of states of the heavy fermion superconductor CeCu2Si2 with that of the reference system LaCu2Si2

Magnetoresistance of Ce-based Kondo lattices: CeCu2Si2 and CeAl3

Effects of composition on several physical properties of CeCu2Si2

Specific heat of heavy fermions in Ce-based Kondolattices at very low temperature

Heavy fermions: uranium compounds

High pressure experiments on heavy fermion/mixed valence compounds (Invited paper)

Normal phase of heavy-fermion UPt3 (Invited paper)

Direct observation of heavy quasiparticles in UPt3 via the dHvA effect

Electronic structure of UPt3: A low energy optical study

Antiferromagnetic spin fluctuations and the heavy fermion system UPt3

Specific heats and crystal-field splittings of CeCu2Ge2, CeRu2Ge2 and UBe13

Ultrasonic attenuation in UPt3

High magnetic field ultrasonics in the heavy fermion compounds UPt3 and CePb3

Field dependence of the T2 term of the resistivity in UPt3

Magnetic and electronic properties of pseudobinary U(Pt1-xPdx)

9Be Knight shift in the normal state of UBe13

Thermal conductivity and specific heat measurements on UBe13

Study of heavy-fermion compounds under high pressure

Heavy fermions superconductivity

Superfluidity of 3He and heavy fermions (Invited paper)

Anisotropie pairing in heavy fermion superconductors - its origin and effects on transport properties (Invited paper)

Superconductivity in a hybridised system of narrow and wide band electrons with strong electron-lattice coupling

Ultrasonic attenuation in superconducting intermediate valence systems

Coherence and pair-breaking effect in the heavy fermion superconductor UBe13

Description of non-local impurity perturbations in heavy-fermion superconductors

d-wave superconductivity in the Anderson lattice

Superconducting instability in the large N-limit of the Coqblin-Schrieffer model

Real space model for fermion pairing

Superconductivity and heavy fermions (Invited paper)

Critical magnetic fields and specific heats of heavy fermion superconductors (Invited paper)

Low-temperature 9Be spin relaxation in superconducting UBe13

Hall effect and the upper critical field in UBe13

Magnetoresistance and upper critical magnetic field of UBe13 under pressure

Impurities in UBe13

Investigation of some properties of UBe13

Anisotropie superconductivity in UPt3

The superconducting Kondo lattice: CeCu2Si2

Influence of irradiation induced disorder on superconductivity and electrical resistivity of thin films of the heavy fermion system CeCu2Si2

High-field superconductivity in U6Fe and U6Co

High energy spectroscopy

Many body theory for intermediate valence spectroscopies (Invited paper)

4f photoemission from light rare-earth systems: f-d

Coulomb interaction and the Abrikosov-Suhl resonance

Theory of core level spectra in light rare-earth metallic compounds

Towards a first principles theory of electron spectroscopies of Yb-compounds

Calculated XPS spectra of UIr3, UPt3 and UAu3

X-ray absorption spectra theory in variable valency compounds

Interpretation of high-energy electron spectroscopy in f-systems beyond the atomic-like approach (Invited paper)

Electron spectroscopy of valence and core states of U intermetallic compounds

Electron spectroscopy study of the heavy fermion compound U2Zn17

Electron spectroscopy and the Kondo volume collapse in Ce0.7Th0.3

X-ray absorption spectroscopic study of specific valence in CeO2, PrO2 and TbO2

Composition-induced valence change in amorphous YbxPd1-x and EuxPd1-x alloys

Valence fluctuation of Yb in the superconducting ytterbium-rhodium stannides

EXAFS and X-ray studies of RM2X2 compounds

Theory of mixed valence state

Theory of the mixed valent state (Invited paper)

Theory of the Hall effect in heavy fermion and mixed valence systems

Effect of f-d Coulomb repulsion in the thermodynamic properties of anomalous rare-earth impurities

Absence of ferromagnetic instability in the effective hybridized-band Hamiltonian for the Anderson lattice

Variational ground states for the periodic Anderson model

On the Curie temperature of ferromagnetic 4f-systems with valence instabilities

Relaxation rate of an intermediate valence Eu impurity

Nonlinear hopping induced valence fluctuations

A simple theory of the α-γ transition in cerium

Valence fluctuating cerium compounds

Thermoelectric power of α- and ß-cerium

Acoustic de Haas-van Alphen effect of CeSn3

Magnetic properties and electrical resistivity of (Ce,Y)Pd3 and Ce(Pd,Pt)3

Thermoelectric power investigation of the (Ce,Y)Pd3 system

Correlation between the crystallographic and magnetic properties of CeSn3 and its related compounds Ce2Sn5 and Ce3Sn7

Thermoelectric power of some Ce compounds of the dilute Kondo type

Thermoelectric power of (Ce1-xLax)Ni single crystals

Local magnetic susceptibility at 140Ce in RNi5 compounds: R = rare earth

Vacancy induced anomalies in the Laves phase CeNi2

Surrounding effects on the valence behavior of cerium in intermetallic compounds

Thermal evolution of the spectral response in CePd3

Mixed valence rare earth compounds

Evidence for 4f-instability of dilute terbium in thorium

Thulium valence systematics in some chalcogenides

Kondo-type resistivity of mixed-valent Tm diluted in LaSe

Valence transition in TmSe1-xTex: from semiconductor gap to hybridization gap

Resistivity and thermoelectric power of single crystals of semiconducting SmS between 1.5 and 350 K

Electronic Raman scattering under high-pressure in SmSe

Substitution dependence of the valence phase transition in Yb0 4In0 6Cu2

Structural transition in mixed valence Yb4As3

Magnetic and non-magnetic charge states in YbPd

Spin fluctuation changes in Ge doped YbPd2Si2

Mössbauer evidence for magnetic ordering in YbP

Magnetic ordering of some mixed valent Yb-compounds

Magnetic phase diagrams of EuAs3, Eu(As0.60-P0.40)3, Eu(As0.02P0.98)3 and ß-EuP3: effects of hydrostatic pressure up to 15 kbar

Scaling laws in valence fluctuating systems: An NMR study of electronic spin fluctuations on Ce(Yb) based compounds

Band structure and itinerant systems

Band structure aspects of materials with localizing f-orbitals (Invited paper)

Predictions of anisotropic superconductivity in UIr3 and UPt3

PuS, PuSe, PuTe: relativistic semiconductors

f-f and f-d pseudopotential model applied to the band structures of Ce-systems

The relativistic spin-polarized KKR-Green's function - applications to the band structure of plutonium

Properties of rare earth systems by the relativistic self-interaction-corrected local-density-approximation

Bulk modulus and P-V relationship up to 52 GPa of neptunium metal at room temperature

Point-contact spectroscopy

Point-contact spectroscopy (Invited paper)

Point-contact experiments in uranium-platinum compounds

Point-contact spectroscopy of mutual REB6 (RE = La,Y,Sm,Ce) by automatic In Situ cleaning

Point-contact spectroscopy of the heavy fermion system UIr2Si2 and of the superconductors α-ThSi2 and ThIrSi

Point-contact spectra of MeBe13 intermetallics

New materials

Production of well defined chemically pure single crystals of rare-earth and actinide compounds for solid state research (Invited paper)


Epilogue: Theory

Epilogue: experiment

Papers presented at the conference, but not published in these Proceedings

Magnetic instability of a highly degenerate Kondo lattice

Experimental discrimination of coherent and incoherent behavior in heavy-fermion materials

Very low temperature transport properties of CeAl3

Hall effect in the heavy-fermion superconductor UPt3

Phenomenological trends for heavy Fermi liquids and narrow-band metals III: characteristic temperatures

Valence-volume relationship in CeBe13 at low temperatures and high pressures

Correlation between the resistivity and the fluctuation temperature of intermetallic Ce- and Yb-compounds with an unstable 4f-shell

Use of Li n XANES for the determination of atomic relaxation in mixed valent rare-earth systems

Systematics of f electron delocalization in lanthanide and actinide elements under pressure

The valence of Eu under high pressure

Author index to volumes 63&64

Subject index to volumes 63&64


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