Circular dichroism is a special technique which provides unique information on dissymmetric molecules. Such compounds are becoming increasingly important in a wide variety of fields, such as natural products chemistry, pharmaceutics, molecular biology, etc. The content of this book has been selected in order to feature the unique aspects of circular dichroism, and how these strengths can be of assistance to workers in the field.

Substantial discussions have been provided regarding the particular phenomena associated with dissymmetric compounds which give rise to the circular dichroism effect. Reviews are also given of the type of instrumentation available for the measurement of these effects. A number of chapters cover the wide range of applications illustrating the power of the method. Owing to its broad appeal, the book will be of interest to workers in all areas of chemistry and pharmaceutical science.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to chiroptical phenomena (H.G. Brittain). 2. Instrumentation for the measurement of circular dichroism; past, present and future developments (D.R. Bobbitt). 3. Instrumental methods of infrared and Raman vibrational optical activity (L.A. Nafie, M. Citra, N. Ragunathan, G-S Yu, D. Che). 4. Application of infrared CD to the analysis of the solution conformation of biological molecules (M. Diem). 5. Determination of absolute configuration by CD. Applications of the octant rule and the exciton chirality rule (D.A. Lightner). 6. Analysis of protein structure by circular dichroism spectroscopy (J.F. Towell III, M.C. Manning). 7. Chiroptical studies of molecules in electronically excited states (J.P. Riehl). 8. Analytical applications of CD to forensic, pharmaceutical, clinical, and food sciences (N. Purdie). 9. The use of circular dichroism as a liquid chromatographic detector (A. Gergely). 10. Applications of circular dichroism spectropolarimetry to the determination of steroids (A. Gergely). 11. Circular dichroism studies of the optical activity induced in achiral molecules through association with chiral substances (H.G. Brittain). Subject index.


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