North-Holland Series in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, Volume 21: An Introduction to Thermomechanics, Second Revised Edition focuses on the methodologies, reactions, and processes involved in thermomechanics, including kinematics, thermodynamics, elasticity, and tensors. The book first offers information on kinematics, kinetics, and thermodynamics. Discussions focus on field theory, state variables, momentum theorems, state of stress, energy theorem, state of motion, small displacements, and material derivatives. The manuscript then ponders on material properties, ideal liquids, linear elasticity, and inviscid gases. The text elaborates on viscous fluids, plastic bodies, viscoelasticity, and general tensors. Topics include tensor algebra, mechanical constitutive relations, thermomechanical extension, hereditary integrals, perfectly plastic bodies, turbulence, and basic equations. The book then reviews viscoelastic bodies, plasticity, non-Newtonian liquids, and maximal dissipation. The publication is a valuable reference for researchers wanting to dig deeper into thermomechanics.

Table of Contents

Preface. Chapters: 1. Mathematical Preliminaries. 2. Kinematics. 3. Kinetics. 4. Thermodynamics. 5. Material Properties. 6. Ideal Liquids. 7. Linear Elasticity. 8. Inviscid Gases. 9. Viscous Fluids. 10. Plastic Bodies. 11. Viscoelasticity. 12. General Tensors. 13. Large Displacements. 14. Thermodynamic Orthogonality. 17. Plasticity. 18. Viscoelastic Bodies. Bibliography. Subject Index.


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North Holland
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@qu:...should find its place on the shelf of every student and researcher interested in continuum physics. @source:Mathematical Reviews