An Introduction to Electrooptic Devices - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780123950505, 9781483218496

An Introduction to Electrooptic Devices

1st Edition

Selected Reprints and Introductory Text By

eBook ISBN: 9781483218496
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 28th May 1974
Page Count: 424
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An Introduction to Electrooptic Devices aims to present an introduction to the electrooptic effect and to summarize work on devices employing the electrooptic effect. The book provides the necessary background in classical crystal optics. The text then discusses topics including crystal symmetry, the tensor description of linear dielectric properties, propagation in anisotropic media, and passive crystal optic devices. The book also describes the phenomenological description of tensor nonlinear dielectric properties of crystals, with emphasis on the electrooptic effect; device design and application; and a listing of linear electrooptic coefficients for various substances. People involved in the study of electrooptic devices will find the text invaluable.

Table of Contents


Chapter I Crystal Optics

1. Crystallography

1.1 Bravais Lattice

1.2 Symmetry Operations of Point Groups

2. Tensor Properties

2.1 Dielectric Description

2.2 Coordinate Transformation

2.3 Transformation of Higher-Rank Tensors

2.4 Reduction of the Dielectric Tensor by Crystal Symmetry

3. Light Propagation in Anisotropic Crystals

3.1 Normal Modes of Propagation

3.2 Wave Vector Surfaces

3.3 Optical Indicatrix

3.4 Birefringence

3.5 Wave Plates

3.6 Compensators

3.7 Group Velocity and Dispersion

3.8 Optical Activity


Chapter II Nonlinear Dielectric Effects

1. Introduction

2. Electrooptic Effects

2.1 Tensor Definition

2.2 Deformation of the Optical Indicatrix

2.3 Electrooptic Modulation and Deflection

3. Elastooptic Effects

3.1 Tensor Definition

3.2 Acoustooptical Devices

3.3 Piezoelectric and Electrostrictive Contributions to the Electrooptic Effect

4. Nonlinear Optical Effects

4.1 Definitions of Nonlinear Optical Coefficients

4.2 Dispersion and Classification of Nonlinear Coefficients

4.3 Relationship between Electrooptic and Raman Scattering Coefficients

4.4 Permutation Relations

4.5 Phenomenological Origin of Nonlinearity


Chapter III Reprints

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12. Dispersion of the Electrooptic Effect near the Band Edge

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