Advances in Water Pollution Research

Advances in Water Pollution Research

Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference Held in Jerusalem, June 18–23 1972

1st Edition - January 1, 1973

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  • Editor: S. H. Jenkins
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483186979

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Advances in Water Pollution Research features the 71 papers presented at the Sixth International Conference held in Jerusalem on June 18-23, 1972. These papers were those selected by the Programme Committee of the International Association on Water Pollution Research for discussion at the conference out of the 176 completed papers that were submitted. The topics of the papers in this book include industrial waste water problems, sewage treatment problems associated with solids, ponds, activated, sludge, groundwater pollution, trace metals in water, wastewater virology and microbiology, thermal pollution, and oxygen transfer. This book also provides the text of the discussion on these papers as well as the replies of the authors. This book will be of interest to persons dealing with studies on water pollution and pollution control.

Table of Contents

  • Opening address by Professor H. I. Shuval "Challenges for the Future in Water Quality Management"

    Address by Professor Abel Wolman "What Price - Water Pollution Control?"

    Thermal Pollution and O2 Transfer

    Stream Temperature Response to Thermal Pollution

    Predictions of Temperature in Streams Receiving Thermal Discharges by Using a Deterministic Model and Computer Technique

    Influence of Temperature and Turbulence on the Oxygen Transfer in Water

    Trace Metals in Waters

    The Apparent Supersaturation

    The Enrichment of Heavy Metals in Submerged Plants

    Microbiology and Virology of Wastewater

    Rapid Assessment of Water Quality by Fluorescent Antibody Identification of Fecal Streptococci

    A New Approach in E. Coli Identification

    Pathogenic Free-living Amoeba and Recreational Waters

    Survival of Enteroviruses during Anaerobic Sludge Digestion

    Concentration of Viruses from Seawater

    A Portable Virus Concentrator for Use in the Field

    The Virus Problem in the Windhoek Waste Water Reclamation Project

    Effect of Dissolved Salts on the Filtration of Coliform Bacteria in Sand Dunes

    Groundwater Pollution

    Underground Travel of Pollutants

    Groundwater Pollution by Nitrogen Compounds in Israel

    Prediction of Photosynthetic Biomass Production in Accelerated Algal-Bacterial Wastewater Treatment Systems

    Effects of Algal Blooms on Water Quality in Israel National Water Systems

    Use of Algal Assays in Studying Eutrophication Problems

    Eutrophication Control of Tsalmon Reservoir by the Cichlid Fish Tilapia Aurea

    Eutrophication in Jamaica Bay — Manifestations, Control and Relationships to Water Quality Objects

    Ecosystem Simulation for Water Pollution Research

    A Quality Management Model for River and Underground Flow System

    Mathematical Model for the Prediction of Dissolved Oxygen Levels in the Alexander Stream (Israel)

    Sewers and Storm Water

    The Composition of Sewer Air

    Self Purification in Sewers

    Comparison of Discharges from Urban Storm Water Run-off, mixed Storm Overflow and treated Sewage

    Cost and Performance of Retention Basins in the Treatment of Wet-weather Sewage Flows

    Sewage Treatment Problems (Activated Sludge, Ponds, Discs, Solids)

    Uncertainty in Interpreting Biological Growth Rates

    The Mechanism and Design of the Contact Stabilization Activated Sludge Process

    An attempt to take Account of Biological Storage in the Mathematical Analysis of Activated Sludge Behavior

    Design Optimization for Activated Sludge and Extended Aeration Plants

    A Low Cost Open Tank Pure Oxygen System for High Rate Total Oxidation

    Effects of Exposing Slimes on Rotating Discs to Atmospheres Enriched with Oxygen

    Influence of Mechanical Blending on Aerobic Digestion of Waste Activated Sludge

    Effects of Suspended Solids Concentrations on the Structure of Turbulence and the Oxygen Transfer Mechanism in Activated Sludge

    A Simulation Model of the Gravity Separation of Concentrated Solids

    Redox Potential — A Guide to Oxidation Pond Performance

    A Rational Design Procedure for Aerated Lagoons Treating Municipal and Industrial Wastewaters

    Nitrogen Removal through Ammonia Release from Holding Ponds

    Photosynthetic Yields and Byproduct Recovery from Sewage Oxidation Ponds

    Cost Relationship of Biological and Thermal Processes for the Treatment of Industrial Effluents

    Problems in the Operation of Plants Treating Mixed Industrial Wastes

    An Example of Economic Plating Waste Treatment by Reverse Osmosis

    Mesophilic Digestion of Beet Molasses Distillery Waste Water

    Color removal from Bleached Kraft-Pulp Waste Waters

    On the Treatment of Polychlorinated Biphenyl in Water by Ionizing Radiation

    Removal of Chromates from Pickling Liquors by Adsorption of Hydrous Ferric Oxide

    The Full-scale Refinement of Purified Sewage for Unrestricted Industrial Use in the Manufacture of Fully Bleached Kraft-Pulp and Fine Paper

    Biologically-Extended Physicochemical Treatment

    Powdered Activated Carbon Application Regeneration and Reuse in Wastewater Treatment Systems

    Factors Affecting Biological Denitrification of Wastewater

    The Complete Treatment of Raw Sewage with Special Emphasis on Nitrogen Removal

    Efficiency of Fe3+ and Al in Phosphorus Removal from Municipal Waste Waters, Practical Comparison at a Treatment Plant

    The Interrelationship of Biological-Carbon Adsorption Systems for the Treatment of Refinery and Petrochemical Wastewaters

    An Asian Technological Approach to Water Reuse Series Filtration Using Local Filter Media

    Water Management and Water Quality

    French River Basin Agencies

    Water Management — Cost-Benefit Analysis

    Charging Polluters for Financing Water Pollution Abatement

    The Control and Removal of Materials of Ecological Importance from Wastewaters in Los Angeles, California, USA

    A Water Quality Index — Crashing the Phychological Barrier

    Monitoring Water Pollution The Observation Post at Boran-sur-Oise

    A Method for Environmental Mercury Pollution Control in Developing Areas

    Improvements in the Determination Method of Methyl Mercury in Fish Tissues and the Ratio of Methyl Mercury to Total Mercury in Fish Tissues

    Formulation of the Ecosystem Parameter Index and its Role in the Development of a Management Program for the Los Angeles Harbor

    The Aerobic Thames Estuary

    Development of Numerical Fjordmodels for the Functional Planning of a Regional Waste Water Disposal System

    An Analysis of Marine Waste Disposal in Southeast Florida's Coastal Waters

    Airphoto Analysis of Ocean Outfall Dispersion

    Self-Purifying Activity of Sea Water: Proposal for Low Cost Treatment of a Well-defined Area

    The Transitional Condition of Minamata Bay and the Neighboring Sea Polluted by Factory Waste Water containing Mercury

    Mixing of Mercury Buoyant Jets from a Manifold in Stagnant Receiving Water of Uniform Density

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  • Published: January 1, 1973
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  • eBook ISBN: 9781483186979

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