This book contains the results of a research project entitled Crystal Growth Mechanisms on an Atomic Scale, which was carried out for 3 years by some 72 reseachers. Until recently in Japan, only the technological aspects of crystal growth have been emphasized and attention was paid only to its importance in industry. However the scientific aspects also need to be considered so that the technology of crystal growth can be developed even further. This project therefore aimed at understanding crystal growth and the emphasis was on finding growth mechanisms on an atomic scale.

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Preface. Part I. Crystal Growth Theory and Simulations. Thermodynamic vs. kinetic critical nucleus and the reversible work of nucleus formation (K. Nishioka). The terrace-step-kink approach and the capillary-wave approach to fluctuation properties of vicinal surfaces (T. Yamamoto, N. Akutsu, Y. Akutsu). Fluctuation and morphological instability of steps in a surface diffusion field (M. Uwaha). Pattern formation of a crystal growing in a diffusion field (Y. Saito). Step structures of Si(111) vicinal surfaces (A. Natori). Step growth mechanism on (001) surfaces of diamond structure crystals (M. Tsuda, M. Hata). Monte Carlo simulation of MBE growth (T. Irisawa, Y. Arima). Crystal growth kinetics on stepped surface by the path probability method (K. Wada, H. Ohmi). Part II. Growth Kinetics.Inter-surface diffusion of cation incorporation in MBE of GaAs and InAs (T. Nishinaga, X.Q. Shen). Study of surface chemical reactions in GaAs atomic layer epitaxy by in situ monitoring methods (A. Koukito). Surface kinetics and mechanism of atomic layer epitaxy of GaAs using trimethylgallium (H. Ohno). Atomic ordering in epitaxial alloy semiconductors: from the discoveries to the physical understanding (H. Nakayama, T. Kita, T. Nishino). Monte Carlo simulation of microstructures in ordered III-V semiconductor alloys (N. Kuwano, K. Oki). Control of rotational twins on heterointerface of fluoride and semiconductors (K. Tsutsui et al). Growth of Ag crystallites on Mo(110) substrate observed by in situ SEM (Y. Gotoh et al.). Induction time of electrical nucleation in supercooled sodium acetate trihydrate aqueous solution (Y. Iba, T. Ohachi). Growth mechanism of smoke particles (C. Kaito, S. Kimura, Y. Saito). Part IIII. Observations of Growth Surface and Interface. Thermally oxidized layers on Si-wafers - Surface X-ray scattering and field ion microscopy (J. Harada et al.). Atom exchange proce


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