These conference proceedings form a worthy contribution to the literature on spectrometry reviving the tradition begun at the U.S. National Bureau of Standards conferences in the 1970's of holding interdisciplinary conferences on advances in the standardisation and methodology of spectrometry. The papers and poster abstracts presented in this volume maintain the high professional standards of these earlier NBS conferences, providing a basis for further progress in this discipline.

Table of Contents

Introduction. Aspects of the development of colorimetric analysis and quantitative molecular spectroscopy in the ultraviolet-visible region (D.T. Burns). Basic Concepts. Recent advances in analytical spectrometry (A. Townshend). Spectrometry for color measurement (C.S. McCamy). Fluorescence spectrometry in analytical chemistry and color science (K.D. Mielenz). High-Accuracy Spectrometry. The new automated reference spectrophotometer at NPL (G.H.C. Freeman). High-accuracy gonioreflectance spectrometry at the PTB (W. Erb). National scales of spectrometry in the U.S. (J.J. Hsia). Standards and Calibration. Physical standards in absorption and reflection spectrophotometry (J.F. Verrill). Chemical calibration standards for molecular absorption spectrometry (R. Mavrodineanu, R.W. Burke). Liquid standards in fluorescence spectrometry (R.A. Velapoldi). Solid standards in fluorescence spectrometry (R.A. McKinnon). Colour standards (F. Malkin). Metrology and standards at NPL for the infrared region (F.J.J. Clarke). Stray radiation (W.I. Kaye). Diagnostic performance evaluation of spectrophotometers (A.R. Robertson). Modern Spectrometry Instrumentation Arrays and Lasers. The physics of solid-state image sensors (G.P. Weckler). The role of photodiode array spectrometry in analytical chemistry (C. Burgess). Tunable dye laser spectrometry (A.R. Schaefer, N.P. Fox). New Trends in Fourier Transform and IR Spectrometry. Theory and practice in FT spectrometry (A.S. Gilbert). Dispersive vs FTIR photometric accuracy - can it be measured? (M.A. Ford). High resolution visible/ultra-violet Fourier transform spectroscopy (A.P. Thorne). Determination of the optical constants of solids by dispersive FT spectrometry (T.J. Parker). Poster Abstracts. Optical methods of improving test strip performance (M.A. Genshaw, K.A. Ruggiero). Wavelength standards for UV/visible spectropho


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