Advances in Research and Development, Volume 23

1st Edition

Modeling of Film Deposition for Microelectronic Applications

Serial Editors: Maurice Francombe John Vossen
Hardcover ISBN: 9780125330237
eBook ISBN: 9780080542904
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 29th September 1997
Page Count: 311
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Table of Contents

D.W. Greve, GexSi1-x Eptaxial Layer Growth and Application Integrated Circuits: Introduction. GexSi1-x Heterojunctions- General Considerations. Growth by Molecular Beam Epitaxy: MBE Systems. Surface Cleaning and Preparation. Germanium Incorporation and Abruptness. p-type Doping. n-type Doping. Incororation of Adatoms and Growth Temperature Limits. Gas Sources. Growth by Chemical Vapor Deposition: Low-Temperature Growth. Growth Systems. Surface Reactions. Kinetics ofLayer Growth- Hybride Reactants. Kinetics of Layer Growth- Dichlorosilane. Transition Abruptness. Minimum Growth Temperature. Surface Preperation. Overview/Summary. Application to Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors: Operation of HBT. Early Reports of HBTs. MBE-Grown HBT Process. UHV/CVD-Grown HBT Process. Profile Design for the UHV/CVD HBT. HBT Future Prospects. The GexSi1-x Channel MOSFET. Conclusions and Future Prospects. Acknowledgments. References. P.W. Pellegrini and J.R. Jimenez, Thin-FilmEpitaxial Layers for the Detection of Infrared Signals: Introduction. Infrared Bands, Detectors, and Materials: Infrared Spectral Bands. Detectors of Infrared Radiation. Material Considerations for LWIR Detection. Summary of PT/SI Detector Basics. Group-IV Epitaxial Devices for Infrared Detectors: Delta-Doped PT/SI Detectors. SI-Homojunction Detectors. Si/Ge/Si Heterojunction Internal Photoemission (HIP) Detectors. Silicide/SiGe Schottky Detectors. Detectors Involving Epitaxial Silicides. Growth and Fabrication of Si-Based Infrared Detector Structures: Doping and Temperature. Surface Preparation and Cleaning. Uniformity. Silicide/SiGe Fabrication. Conclusions. References. F.D. Shepherd, Platinum Silicide Internal Emission Ifrared Imaging Arrays: Introduction: Staring-Mode Operation. Requirements Imposed by Thermal Infrared Signals. Early Efforts Leading to Current PtSi IR Camera Technology. The Internal Emission Process: Internal Photemis


Significant progress has occurred during the last few years in device technologies and these are surveyed in this new volume. Included are Si/(Si-Ge) heterojunctions for high-speed integrated circuits, Schottky-barrier arrays in Si and Si-Ge alloys for infrared imaging, III-V quantum-well detector structures operated in the heterodyne mode for high-data-rate communications, and III-V heterostructures and quantum-wells for infrared emissions.


Researchers in thin films, materials science, condensed matter physics, AVS, microelectronics, and computer simulation in this field.


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