Advances in Immunopharmacology

1st Edition

Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Immunopharmacology, Florence, Italy, 6-9 May 1985


  • L. Chedid
  • J. W. Hadden
  • P. Dukor
  • D. A. Willoughby
  • F. Spreafico
  • Description

    With the publication of this third volume in the series, immunopharmacology has established itself as a separate discipline with relevance to oncology, rheumatology, allergy and other medical fields. The manipulation of the immune response is becoming the basis of all modern therapeutics. This volume gathers together symposia and workshop sessions, representing a comprehensive review of the advancing frontier of immunopharmacology.


    Of interest to pharmacologists, immunologists, clinicians and scientists in the pharmaceutical industry.

    Table of Contents

    (partial) From natural products chemistry to immunopharmacology, E Lederer. The story of bacterial endotoxin, O Westphal et al. Experimental and clinical studies on the antitumor and antimocrobial activities of nocardial cell wall skeleton and muramyldipeptide derivatives, Y Yamamura. Current status of the immunotherapy and biological therapy of cancer, E M Hersh. Immunotherapy of acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) Aids-related complex and subject at risk, S Gupta. An update of interferone in infectious diseases, R F Betts. Immunotherapy of connective tissue disease, Y Shiokawa & C Abe. Hopes for immunorestorative therapy in autoimmune diseases, N Talal. The biochemical mechanism of cellular activation, F Hirata et al. Membrane transport in the messenger function of calcium (Ca), E Carafoli. Stimulus activation coupling in neutrophils, T Pozzan et al. Mechanisms of arachidonic acid turnover implicated in cell activation, K Resch et al. Release of prostaglandins and modulation of leukocyte functions, D Gemsa et al. Human tumor necrosis factor (LuKII) recent developments, B Y Rubin et al. Factors from T suppressor cells: current status and perspectives, D R Webb.


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