Volume 46 in the internationally acclaimed Advances in Clinical Chemistry contains chapters submitted from leading experts from academia and clinical laboratory science. Authors are from a diverse field of clinical chemistry disciplines and diagnostics ranging from basic biochemical exploration to cutting-edge microarray technology.

Key Features

* Leading experts from academia and clinical laboratory science * Volume emphasizes novel laboratory advances with application to clinical laboratory diagnostics and practical basic science studies


Biochemists and clinical biochemists.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Atherogenic Lipoprotein Sub-profiling Allison A Ellington PhD, Iftikhar J Kullo MD Chapter 2 Effect of Exercise on Oxidative Stress Biomarkers Richard J. Bloomer Chapter 3 Human Total Serum N-Glycome André Klein Chapter 4 Biomarkers of liver fibrosis Thierry Poynard, Rachel Morra, Patrick Ingiliz, Françoise Imbert-Bismut, Dominique Thabut, Djamila Messous, Mona Muntenau, Julien Massard, Yves Benhamou and Vlad Ratziu, Chapter 5 Nutritional Biochemistry of Spaceflight S. M. Smith and S. R. Zwart Chapter 6 Biomarkers Related to Aging in Human Populations Eileen Crimmins, Sarinnapha Vasunilashorn, Jung Ki Kim, Dawn Alley Chapter 7 Vascular calcification inhibitors in relation to cardiovascular disease with special emphasis on fetuin-A in chronic kidney disease. Mohamed E Suliman, Elvia García-López, Björn Anderstam, Bengt Lindholm and Peter Stenvinkel Chapter 8 Mechanisms of arterial calcification: spotlight on the inhibitors Gabriele Weissen-Plenz, PhD1, Yvonne Nitschke, MS2, and Frank Rutsch, MD2


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