This volume in Advances in Agronomy contains seven outstanding reviews that discuss cutting edge developments in the crop and soil sciences. Chapter 1 addresses desertification and its relation to climate change. Chapter 2 discusses fate and transport of viruses in porous media. Chapter 3 is a comprehensive treatment of the future needs of root water and nutrient uptake modeling. Chapter 4 is a review on micronutrients in crop production, including a discussion on improving the supply and acquisition. Chapter 5 provides information on soils in tropical and temperate regions. Chapter 6 desribes free-air CO2 enrichment in agriculture. Lastly, chapter 7 discusses break crops and their application in organic agriculture. Advances in Agronomy continues to be recognized as a leading reference and a first-rate source of the latest and best research in agronomy. Major reviews deal with cutting edge issues of interest to agronomists, as well as crop and soil scientists. As always, the topics covered are varied and exemplary of the panoply of subject matter dealt with by this long-running serial. Donald Sparks is the editor and has been a president of the Soil Science Society of America. Advances in Agronomy has the highest impact factor among serial publications in Agriculture. The Science Citation Index, 1986, reports an impact factor over 2,459 and a cited half-life over 10 years.


Professionals and students in the field of agronomy and plant, soil, and environmental sciences.

Table of Contents

1. Desertification and Its Relation to Climate Variability and Change -Daniel Hillel and Cynthia Rosenzweig 2. Fate and Transport of Viruses in Porous Media -Yan Jin and Markus Flury 3. Current Capabilities and Future Needs of Root Water and Nutrient Uptake Modeling -Jan W. Hopmans and Keith L. Bristow 4. Micronutrients in Crop Production -N.K. Fageria, V.C. Baligar, and R.B. Clark 5. Soil Science in Tropical and Temperate Regions- Some Differences and Similarities -Alfred E. Hartemink 6. Responses of Agricultural Crops to Free-Air CO2 Enrichment - B.A. Kimball, K. Kobayashi, and M. Binidi 7. The Agronomic and Economic Potential of Break Crops for Ley/Arable Rotations in Temperate Organic Agriculture - M.C. Robson, S.M. Fowler, N.H. Lampkin, C. Leifert, M. Leitch, D. Robinson, C.A. Watson, and A.M. Litterick


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