This volume contains 40 papers which describe the recent developments in advanced control of chemical processes and related industries. The topics of adaptive control, model-based control and neural networks are covered by 3 survey papers. New adaptive, statistical, model-based control and artificial intelligence techniques and their applications are detailed in several papers. The problem of implementation of control algorithms on a digital computer is also considered.


For systems and control engineers.

Table of Contents

Selected papers: Adaptive control: an overview, M. M'Saad & I. D. Landau. Selftuning combustion control for a furnace with low power, D. Pfannstiel & R. Isermann. PID Adaptive control of a non isothermal continuous stirred tank reactor, M. M'Saad et al. On-line automatic tuning PID control of dissolved oxygen, K. O. Jones et al. Nonlinear predictive control of exothermic chemical reactors, B. W. Bequette. Adaptive control with multi output ARX models, H. Brabrand & S. B. Jorgensen. Multivariate identification: a study of several methods, J. F. Macgregor et al. Use of programming methods for flexible recipes in batch process control, K. Keesman. High performance distillation - case studies in constrained predictive control, D. J. Wilkinson et al. Computation of the optimal control-function for a chemical reactor, J. P. Humeau. Structure of reaction networks and controllability of open isothermal reactors, G. Bastin & J. Levine. Feedforward design using the disturbance condition number, D. R. Lewin. Impact of model uncertainty on control structure selection for the fluid catalytic cracking process, M. Hovd & S. Skogestad. Real time distillation research software, R. Pullinen & P. Lautala. Neural networks in process control - a survey, J. Thibault & B. P. A. Grandjean. Neural network based control of mode-switch processes, R. A. Hilhorst et al. Kinetic modelling and control of bioactive substance synthesis, I. Taralova & ST. Tzonkov. Author Index. Keyword Index.


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