Adaptation of Immigrants

1st Edition

Individual Differences and Determinants

Editors: Michael Argyle
Authors: W.A. Scott R. Scott
Hardcover ISBN: 9780080372655
eBook ISBN: 9781483287119
Imprint: Pergamon
Published Date: 18th May 1989
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Table of Contents

Preface. Migration and Culture Contact. Outcomes and Predictors: An Overview. Environmental Stressors and Facilitators. Demographic and Background Characteristics. Cultural Skills. Family Relations. Personality Characteristics. Summary: Predictors of Adaptive Outcomes. Appendix 1: Design of Studies. Appendix 2: Scales from Questionnaire. References.


This volume surveys studies conducted in the major immigrant receiving nations over the past several decades to ascertain the main established correlates of immigrant adjustment. It also reports findings from an original longitudinal study of immigrants to Australia from several European countries. Among the questions addressed are: What is the usual course of immigrants' reactions to their new country? How do these reactions differ depending on their focus of concern - self, family, friends, job, etc ? Are subjective reactions (satisfaction with various aspects of their lives) parallelled by objective measures of role performance ( adequacy of adaptation in the eyes of other people)? How are these reactions associated with other characteristics of the immigrants - personality, family relations, demographic and background characteristics?


For undergraduates and postgraduates in psychology, sociology and social work, and scholars and professionals concerned with immigrants.


© Pergamon 1989
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@qu:In this significant work, the Scotts bring together much of the quantitative sociological and psychological literature on postmigration social psychological adjustment...instead of relying only on responses from the migrants themselves, they make extensive use of data gleaned from others with whom the migrants have regular contact. Therefore, their analyses of variables associated with postmigration adjustment reflect a richness and texture not often found in quantitative work of this nature...this work represents significant contribution to our understanding of the postmigration adjustment process. @source:Individual Differences and Determinants

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Australian National University, Canberra, Australia