Acute and Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialists

1st Edition

Synergy for Best Practices


  • Mary McKinley
  • Key Features

    • Provides a current guide for the CNS' role in acute and critical care for the most up-to-date information.
    • Reader-friendly presentation of information provides an easy reference that can be used in day-to-day practice.
    • Discussion questions based on the CCNS blueprint assist in review for the certification examination, making this book a seminal reference for nurses taking the CCNS certification examination.
    • Case studies present applied learning of the acute and critical care setting to prepare the reader for real-life situations.

    Table of Contents



    Part I

    Chapter 1: The CNS in Acute and Critical Care

    Historical Perspectives: Mandate for Quality in Acute and Critical Care

    Format for Chapter:

    I. Evolution of the CNS

    a. Acute and Critical Care—an overview

    b. CNS role development

    II. Theoretical perspectives

    a. Definition of advanced practice

    b. Related literature and research

    III. Educational preparation

    a. American Association of Colleges of Nursing perspective

    b. Regulatory perspectives

    IV. Scope of Practice and Standards of Professional Performance for the CNS

    a. Development

    b. Implementation

    V. Regulation of CNS practice

    Chapter 2: From Novice to Expert: CNS Competencies

    I. Theoretical perspectives

    a. Models

    b. Framework for practice

    II. Review of the Literature

    a. CNS in education

    b. CNS in practice

    III. Practice implications

    a. Developmental activities

    IV. Strategies to successful development of the CNS

    a. Goal setting

    b. Networking

    c. Mentoring

    Chapter 3: Synergy Model: Guiding the Practice of the CNS in Acute and Critical Care

    I. Synergy Model Defined

    a. Patient needs/nurse characteristics—a match

    b. Applicability to the CNS

    II. Dimensions of Practice

    a. Dimensions defined

    III. Standards of Professional Performance

    a. Standards of Performance defined

    Chapter 4: Spheres of Influence: Defining the Impact of the CNS

    I. Spheres of Influence for the CNS

    a. Different perspectives

    i. ANA

    ii. NACNS

    iii. AACN

    II. Patient/Family

    III. Nursing personnel

    IV. Organizational systems

    V. CNS Making the difference

    Part II


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