A Synopsis of Children's Diseases - 4th Edition - ISBN: 9781483168210, 9781483195698

A Synopsis of Children's Diseases

4th Edition

Authors: John Rendle-Short O. P. Gray
eBook ISBN: 9781483195698
Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
Published Date: 1st January 1967
Page Count: 696
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A Synopsis of Children's Diseases, Fourth Edition serves as a guide to the common as well as rare diseases in children. This book discusses the importance of hereditarily determined diseases. Organized into two parts encompassing 196 chapters, this edition begins with an overview of the norms of development of children. This text then discusses the various types of congenital malformations if mother contracts rubella during pregnancy, including deafness, congenital heart disease, eye defects, and other lesions. Other chapters consider the incidence of infant mortality during the first twelve months of life. This book discusses as well the pathology and cause of intracranial hemorrhage, which is the common cause of death or permanent disability in infants. The final chapter deals with the various causes of sudden death in young infants. This book is a valuable resource for pediatricians and general practitioners. Undergraduate students will also find this book extremely useful.

Table of Contents

Preface to the Fourth Edition

Preface to the First Edition

Part I The Healthy Child


II.—Physical Growth

III.—Infant Feeding

IV.—Management of the Normal Newborn Baby

V.—Management of the Normal Child


Part II The Sick Child

Section I—General Factors

VII.—Examination of Child

VIII.—Aetiology of Congenital Defects

Section II—The Neonatal Period

IX.—Infant Mortality and Morbidity

X.—Extracranial Birth Injuries

XI.—Cranial and Intracranial Haemorrhage

XII.—Respiratory Disorders

XIII.—Neonatal Infections

XIV.—Other Abnormalities of Neonatal Period

XV.—The Premature Baby


Section III—The Infectious Diseases—Viral

XVII.—Control of Common Fevers


XIX.—German Measles

XX.—Roseola Infantum


XXII.—Vaccinia and Vaccination


XXIV.—Infectious Mononucleosis

XXV.—Herpes Simplex Infections

Section IV.—The Infectious Diseases—Bacterial and Protozoal

XXVI.—Ilemolytic Streptococcal Infections



XXIX.—Tuberculosis : I. Introduction

XXX.—Tuberculosis : II. Clinical Types

Section V.—Diseases of Nutrition

XXXI.—Failure to Thrive

XXXII.—Deficiency and Overdosage of Vitamin A

XXXIII.—Deficiency of Vitamin-B complex

XXXIV.—Infantile Scurvy



XXXVII.—Diabetes Mellitus



Section VI.—Diseases of the Respiratory System


XLI.—Acute Infections of the Respiratory Tract

XLII.—Lung Infections

XLIII.—Chronic Infections of the Respiratory Tract

XLIV.—Diseases of the Nose

XLV.—Diseases of the Ear

XLVI.—Diseases of the Larynx and Trachea

XLVII.—Lung Collapse and Emphysema

XLVIII.—Foreign Bodies in Respiratory Tract

XLIX.—Idiopathic Pulmonary Flemosiderosis


LI.—Intrathoracic Space-Occupying Lesions

Section VII.—The Alimentary System

LII.—Physiology of the Digestive System

LIII.—Common Intestinal Conditions Occurring in Infancy

LIV.—Common Intestinal Conditions Occurring After Infancy

LV.—Congenital Anatomical Defects

LVI.—Congenital Hypertrophic Pyloric Stenosis

LVII.—Congenital Intestinal Aganglionosis

LVIII.—Conditions Affecting Umbilicus

LIX.—Diseases of the Mouth and Teeth

LX.—Diseases of the Salivary Glands

LXI.—Diseases of Gesophagus

LXII.—Diseases of Stomach and Duodenum

LXIII.—Diseases of Rectum and Anus

LXIV.—The Acute Abdomen

LXV.—Intestinal obstruction

LXVI.—Chronic Ulcerative Colitis

LXVII.—Intestinal Parasites

LXVIII.—Diarrhoea and Vomiting (Gastro-Enteritis)

LXIX.—Fluid and Electrolyte Balance

Section VIII.—The Cardiovascular System

LXX.—The Heart and Cardiovascular System Health

LXXI.—Rheumatic Fever

LXXII—Cardiac Failure

LXXIII.—Congenital Heart Disease. I

LXXIV.—Congenital Heart Disease. II


LXXVI.—Endocardial Fibroelastosis

LXXVII.—Bacterial Endocarditis

LXXVIII.—Disorders of Rate and Rhythm

LXXIX.—Disease of Pericardium

LXXX.—Disease of Blood-Vessels

Section IX.—Diseases of the Nervous System

LXXXI.—Examination of the Child

LXXXII.—Head Injuries and Vascular Lesions

LXXXIII—Nerve Lesions

LXXXIV.—Diseases of the Spinal Cord


LXXXVI—Cerebral Palsy

LXXXVII.—Diseases of Extrapyramidal System

LXXXVIII.—Epilepsy and Convulsions

LXXXIX.—The Ataxias

XC.—Demyelinating Diseases of Central Nervous System



XCIII.—Diseases Caused by Bacterial Toxins

XCIV.—Encephalitis and Encephalopathy



XCVII.—Space-Occupying Lesions of Skull


Section X.—Psychological Disorders

XCX.—Mental Disorders. I

C.—Mental Disorders. II

CI.—Compulsive Habits

CII.—enuresis and Encopresis

CII—Speech Defects


Section XL—Diseases of the Genito-Urinary System


CVI.—Abnormal Substances in Urine

CVII.—Abnormalities of Genitalia in Boys

CVIII.—Abnormalities of Genitalia in Girls

CX.—Abnormalities of Urethra

CX.—Malformations of Ureter

CXI.—Malformation of Kidney

CXII.—Renal Failure

CXIII.— Phimosis and Paraphimosis

CXIV.—Infections of Urinary Tract


CXVI.—Renal Tumours

CXVII.—Urinary Calculus

CXVIII. — Idiopathic Renal Acidosis

Section XII.—Diseases of the Blood

CXIX.—Anatomy and Physiology


CXXI. —Iron-Deficiency Anaemia

CXXII.— The Hlemolytic Anaemias

CXXIII.—Aplasia and Hypoplasia of Bone-Marrow

CXXIV. —Purpura

CXXV.—Henoch-Schonlein Syndrome

CXXVI.—Coagulation Defects

CXXVII. Hiemorrhagic Disease of Newborn

CXXVIII.— The Leukaemias

Section XIII.—Diseases of Lymphatic System and Lymph-nodes

CXXIX. — General Considerations

CXXX.—Cystic Hygroma

CXXXI.—Chylous Ascites

Section XIV.—Diseases of Liver and Biliary System


CXXXIII.— Infective Hepatitis(Catarrhal Jaundice) and Homologous Serum Jaundice

CXXXIV.—Hepatic Cirrhosis

Section XV.—Diseases of Bone and Joint

CXXXV.—Generalized Abnormalities of Bone

CXXXVI.—Abnormalities Mainly Affecting Limbbones

CXXXVII.—Abnormalities Mainly Affecting Spine

CXXXVIII.—Abnormalities Mainly Affecting Skull

CXXXIX.— Acute Infection of Bones and Joints

CXL. Osteochondritis Juvenilis

CXLI.—Rheumatoid Arthritis

CXLIII.—Diseases of Hip- Joint

CXLII.—Tumours Benign and Malignant

CXLLV.—Postural Deformities

Section XVI.—Diseases of Muscles

CXLV.—Congenital Absence of Muscle

CXLVI.—Muscle Atrophy

CXLVII.—Muscular Dystrophies

CXLVIII. — Muositis

CXLIX.—Epidemic Myalgia

CL.—Unclassified Diseases of muscle

Section XVII.—Diseases of Skin

CLL. Nevi

CLII.—Dermal congenital Abnormalities

CLIII.—Generalized Congenital Abnormalities

CLIV.—Napkin Rash and Meatal Ulcer

CLV.—Vesicular Eruptions

CLVI.—Parasitic Infections of Skin

CLVII.—Fungous Infections of Skin

CLVIII.—Bacterial Infections of Skin

CLIX.—Toxic and Drug Eruptions

CLX.—Diseases of Subcutaneous Fat

CLXI. —Diseases of Subcutaneous Glands

CLXII.—Diseases of Hair

CLXIII.—Dermatitis and Eczematoid Lesions


CLXV.—Diseases Due to Cold

Section XVIII.—Diseases of Endocrine System

CLXVI. —The Pituitary and Hypothalamus

CLXVII. —Dwarfism

CLXVIII.— Diseases of Posterior Pituitary and Hypothalamus

CLXIX.—The Adrenal Medulla

CLXX.—The Adrenal Cortex

CLXXI. —Sexual Development

CLXXIL — The Gonads

CLXXIII.—Aberrations in Sexual Development

CLXXIV.—Sexual Precocity

CLXXV.—The Thyroid Gland


Section XIX.—Inborn Errors of Metabolism


CLXXVIII.—Errors in Protein Metabolism

CLXXIX.—Errors in Amino-Acid Metabolism

CLXXX.—Maple Syrup Urine Disease

CLXXXXI.-Errors of Cystine Metabolism

CLXXXII.-Errors in Mucopolysaccharid Metabolism

CLXXXIII.-Errors in Monosaccharid Metabolism

CLXXXIV.-Errors in Glycogen Metabolism

CLXXXV.-Errors in Lipoid Metabolism. I

CLXXXVI.-Errors in Lipoid Metabolism. II

CLXXXVII- Pyridoxine Dependence


Section XX.-Venereal Diseases


Section XXI .-Accidents in Childhood

CXC.-Iron Poisoning

CXCI.-Lead Poisoning

CXCII.-Pink Disease


CXCIV.-Barbiturate Poisoning

CXCV.-Boron Poisoning

CXCVI.-Burns and Scalds

CXCVII.-Sudden Death

Appendix I.-Incidence of Some Genetically Determined Conditions

Appendix II. Conversion Tables

Appendix III.-Dosage of Some Important Drugs

Appendix IV.-Potassium Content of Some Oral Fluids

Appendix V.-Clinical Pathology in Children: Normal Values

Appendix VI.-Risk of Rubella Embryopathy at Different Fetal Ages



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© Butterworth-Heinemann 1967
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John Rendle-Short

O. P. Gray

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