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  • Geoderma Regional: The International Journal for Regional Soil Research

    We are very happy to introduce Geoderma Regional to you. This sister journal of Geoderma will focus on studies that increase understanding and advance our scientific knowledge of soils in all regions of the world.

    We are welcoming article submissions from now on. After acceptance, all articles will be available on ScienceDirect.

    For more info:

  • We are very happy to announce that Algal Research has been accepted by Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Reports©, and will therefore receive its first Impact Factor in 2014. The journal will be covered from the launch in 2012, and it will therefore receive a half IF in 2014, with cites in 2013 to content published in 2012. A full IF will come in the summer of 2015, with cites in 2014 to content published in 2012 -2013.

    Together with the journal, the conference series Algal Biomass, Biofuels & Bioproducts was introduced, of which the fourth edition will be held from 15-18 June 2014 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

  • Global Food Security: a new multidisciplinary journal

    HONORARY MENTION AT THE 2013 PROSE AWARDS – click here for more info

    Global Food Security aims to publish papers that contribute to better understanding of economic, social, biophysical, technological, and institutional drivers of current and future global food security. Also, Global Food Security aims to stimulate debate that is rooted in strong science, has strong interdisciplinary connections, and recognizes tradeoffs that occur in reconciling competing objectives and outcomes that may differ depending on spatial and temporal scale.

    Read more about Global Food Security on the journal homepage.

  • New open access journal: Current Plant Biology

    More information:

    The field of fundamental plant science is increasingly becoming an interdisciplinary domain of research, now including physics, mathematics and chemistry disciplines. This trend is largely fuelled by the last decade's technical advances and discoveries which have created new challenges, such as data storage, analysis and prediction. Current Plant Biology will publish articles that focus on this newly emerged interdisciplinary research domain.

  • Open Access Options

    Access to quality research is vital to the scientific community and beyond. We support sustainable access and work hard to provide a range of open access options alongside our access initiatives to ensure everyone can read, use and trust the latest research.

    We are committed to working in partnership with the research community, librarians, funders and other stakeholders. Our Elsevier team is continually on the road meeting the community, participating in discussions and establishing partnerships which will help support increase access to research. Read more about our institutional and funding body agreements.

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The winner of the 2013 John S. Waid Review award is now announced – visit the Soil Biology & Biochemistry homepage to read the article for free

A new Open Access journal: New Negatives in Plant Science. Find more info here.

Elsevier welcomes Engineering in Agriculture, Environment and Food - visit the journal homepage here

New Open Access journal: Current Plant Biology - Article submission is now open!

Top 25 Downloads

Comparison of aroma active and sulfur volatiles in three fragrant rice cultivars using GC-Olfactometry and GC-PFPD • Article
Food Chemistry, Volume 154, July 2014, Pages 1-6 | Mahattanatawee, K.; Rouseff, R.L.

Hydrolysis of lignocellulosic materials for ethanol production: a review • Article
Bioresource Technology, Volume 83, Issue 1, May 2002, Pages 1-11 | Sun, Y.; Cheng, J.

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