Wto Accession and Socio-Economic Development in China book cover

Wto Accession and Socio-Economic Development in China

This book reviews how China’s accession to the WTO has impacted upon its education, environment, economic and social outcomes in recent years. It has been argued that China’s rapid growth in output and exports and subsequent accession to WTO has significantly increased income and therefore the well-being of the Chinese population. However, doubts are now being raised that higher income is generated at the cost of deteriorating environmental and social standards which has increasingly affected the health of the Chinese people, especially those who live in major industrial cities. Also, there is a widespread perception that its accession to WTO has significantly increased social shocks, especially among the farming community, and contributed to poor health outcomes among the rural population. These issues are critically analysed in this book by experienced academics from China and Australia.

Students and academics in Asian studies,

Hardbound, 234 Pages

Published: June 2009

Imprint: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84334-547-3


  • Introduction: Socio-economic development in China - WTO accession and related issues. Education, environment and services: Reform of China’s economic system with WTO accession and its impact on tertiary education; The relationship between economic globalization and higher education internationalization in China; Green strategies for enhancing economic growth and ecological sustainability in Xinjiang province in China; Services in China: Prospects for growth and implications for Australia. Finance and accountancy: Trend and pattern of Foreign Direct Investment in China’s economic boom; FDI Spill overs - the strategy for Chinese economic development; The convergence of International Financial Reporting Standards in China: A view on the influence of political ideology on Chinese accounting profession; Accounting standards development in China. Socio-economic impacts: Socio-cultural challenges to economic growth in China - looking ahead; Community development in China: Problems and prospects; Concluding remarks.


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