Workplace Security Essentials

A Guide for Helping Organizations Create Safe Work Environments


  • Eric Smith, CPP, director of security at HSS, Inc.

Whether you are a business owner, department manager, or even a concerned employee, Workplace Security Essentials will show you how to improve workplace safety and security using real-life examples and step-by-step instructions.

Every organization, be it large or small, needs to be prepared to protect its facilities, inventory, and, most importantly, its staff. Workplace Security Essentials is the perfect training resource to help businesses implement successful security measures, boost employee morale and reduce turnover, protect the company’s reputation and public profile, and develop the ability to process and analyze risks of all kinds.

Workplace Security Essentials helps the reader understand how different business units can work together and make security a business function-not a burden or extra cost.

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Business owners, executives, and managers in any size organization; practitioners in every area of security; school administrators; human resource managers; and anyone interested in making his or her organization a safer, more secure place to work


Book information

  • Published: April 2014
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-416557-1

Table of Contents

1: The Fighting Stance: Security Awareness

2. Developing a Security Focus: Identifying Critical Assets

3. Building Skills with Basics: Learning to Identify Threats

4. Playing with Blocks: Protecting What’s Important - Vulnerabilities

5. Practice Makes Perfect: Karate Forms and Organizational Memory

6. When They Are Close Enough to Kiss: Internal Threats

7. Getting Your Kicks: Responding to External Threats

8. When Things Get Down and Dirty: Workplace Violence

9. Freestyle Sparring: Learning to Fight Back - Emergency Operations Planning

10. Down, but Not Out: Disaster Drills and Recovery

11. The Dos and Don’ts of Self Defense: Understanding Your Premise Liability

12. Weapons of Organizational Self Defense: Security Protection Systems

13. Personnel Safety Is Personal Safety

14. The Wrap: Good Security Is Good Business