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Wireless Networking Complete

Given the explosion of new wireless communications techniques and the host of wireless network technologies and applications currently available or on the drawing board, it is safe to say that we are in the midst of a wireless networking revolution. Industry adoption of next-generation specifications will provide a substantial boost to the market for wireless multimedia networking, prompting growth in excess of 50 million wireless network devices by 2010, according to a market study by Parks Associates.

A compilation of critical content from key MK titles published in recent years on wireless networking and communications. Individual chapters are organized as one complete reference that allows it to be used as a 360-degree view from our bestselling authors for those interested in new and developing aspects of wireless network technology.

Aimed at practitioners and researchers working with or interested in wireless networks and applications. Job functions or titles include communication engineer, network architect, network designer, systems engineer, network operator, network engineer

Hardbound, 444 Pages

Published: August 2009

Imprint: Morgan Kaufmann

ISBN: 978-0-12-375077-8


  • Chapter 1 Supporting Wireless Technologies

    Chapter 2 Wireless Networks

    Chapter 3 An Overview of Wireless Systems

    Chapter 4 Wireless Application Protocol

    Chapter 5 Wireless Local Area Networks

    Chapter 6 Fourth Generation Systems and New Wireless Technologies

    Chapter 7 Mesh Networks: Optimal Routing and Scheduling

    Chapter 8 Ad Hoc Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs)

    Chapter 9 Sensor Network Platforms and Tools

    Chapter 10 Mobile IP

    Chapter 11 Mobile IPv6

    Chapter 12 Security and Survivability of Wireless Systems


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