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This text comprises 26 chapters that offer current, scientific information on the repercussions of, and treatment for, whiplash. Chapters present new concepts and illustrate them with tables and figures.

Physical Med & Rehab Physicians, Spine Surgeons, Orthopedic Surgeons, Emergency Med Physicians, Sports Med Docs, Residents in Orthopedics, Chiropractors, Family Practice Physicians, Neurologists, Neurosurgeons

Hardbound, 460 Pages

Published: December 2001

Imprint: Hanley And Belfus Medical Publishers

ISBN: 978-1-56053-438-9


  • 1. Whiplash: A Continuing Dilema in the 21st Century
    2. Anatomy of the Cervical Spine
    3. The Biomechanics ofWhiplash
    4. The Pathophysiology of Whiplash
    5. Whiplash-Associated Disorders: Prognosis After Injury
    6. New Concepts in Head Restraint Technology in the Prevention of Whiplash Injury
    7. The Clinical Picture of Whiplash Injury
    8. Whiplash-Related Headache
    9. Mandibular Whiplash
    10. Whiplash-Induced Cervical Facet Joint Syndrome
    11. Cervical Disc Pain and Radiculopathy After Whiplash
    12. Spinal Cord Injury Following Motor Vehicle Accidents
    13. Mild Traumatic Brain Injuryand Postconcussion Syndrome
    14. Myofascial Pain After Whiplash Injury
    15. PsychologicalFactors in the Treatment of Chronic Pain Associated with Whiplash
    16. Imaging of Whiplash Injuries
    17. The Electrodiagnosis Evaluation of Whiplash Injuries: A Practical Approach
    18. Rehabilitation of Whiplash Injuries
    19. The Role of Chiropractic Treatment in Whiplash Injury
    20. Medications in the Treatment of Whiplash-Associated Disorders
    21. Interventional Spine Procedures for Cervical Whiplash
    22. Complementary Medicine in the Treatment of Whiplash Injuries
    23. Late Whiplash Syndrome: Current Psychological Theory and Practice
    24. Surgical Indications Following Whiplash Injury
    25. The Legal System and Soft Tissue Injuries
    26. The Future of Whiplash-Associated Injuries



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