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Web Bloopers

60 Common Web Design Mistakes, and How to Avoid Them

The dot.com crash of 2000 was a wake-up call, and told us that the Web has far to go before achieving the acceptance predicted for it in '95. A large part of what is missing is quality; a primary component of the missing quality is usability. The Web is not nearly as easy to use as it needs to be for the average person to rely on it for everyday information, commerce, and entertainment.

In response to strong feedback from readers of GUI BLOOPERS calling for a book devoted exclusively to Web design bloopers, Jeff Johnson calls attention to the most frequently occurring and annoying design bloopers from real web sites he has worked on or researched. Not just a critique of these bloopers and their sites, this book shows how to correct or avoid the blooper and gives a detailed analysis of each design problem.

Web designers, Web application programmers


Published: April 2003

Imprint: Morgan Kaufmann

ISBN: 978-1-55860-840-5


  • "Jeff Johnson¿s sharp eye for usability, coupled with plenty of examples and recommendations, can transform even the dullest and most complicated site into a sleek example of Web usability." --Nina Malakooty on Firstmonday.org "Engaging, Educational, Enjoyable, Erudite: Excellent!" --Dr. Jakob Nielsen, Nielsen Norman Group "Many of the examples are priceless ¿ just reading them made my blood boil with recognition." --Howard Tamler, Principal, HT Consulting "If you are part of a Web team, Web Bloopers is a must-have book. If you know anyone who is developing Web sites, give them this book as a present. It's fun and it's informative...Get and read this book. Give it to your favorite Web developers--and to your least favorite Web developers. You'll all learn from it." --Ginny Redish in Technical Communication "Each section puts a name to a common mistake, gives several real-world examples of its occurrence, and then explains what the site's designers should have done instead." - C/C++ Journal


  • Foreword

    Part I: Bloopers in the Content and Functionality of the Website
    Chapter 1 - Content Bloopers
    Chapter 2 - Task-Support Bloopers

    Part II: Bloopers in the User Interface of the Website
    Chapter 3 - Navigation Bloopers
    Chapter 4 - Form Bloopers
    Chapter 5 - Search Bloopers

    Part III: Bloopers in the Presentation of the Website
    Chapter 6 - Text & Writing Bloopers
    Chapter 7 - Link Appearance Bloopers
    Chapter 8 - Graphic and Layout Bloopers

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