WAIS-IV Clinical Use and Interpretation

Scientist-Practitioner Perspectives

Edited by

  • Lawrence Weiss, Pearson Assessment, San Antonio, TX, USA
  • Donald Saklofske, University of Western Ontario, Ontario, Canada
  • Diane Coalson, Pearson Assessment, San Antonio, Texas, USA
  • Susan Raiford, Pearson Assessment, San Antonio, Texas, USA

Published in August of 2008, WAIS-IV is the most widely used intelligence test for adults in the world. Substantive changes were made to the WAIS-IV from the WAIS-III leaving clinicians with questions as to how to use and interpret the measure effectively. Written by the creators of the new test, this book serves as the ultimate insider's guide to the new test, providing users with the kind of access to norms and data that would be unavailable to any subsequent book on clinical use of this measure.

The book discusses the changes made between 3rd and 4th editions along with an FAQ and answers about use and interpretation. The reader is instructed how to interpret composite scores, and everything needed to use and interpret two entirely new composite scores: the General Ability Index (GAI), and the Cognitive Proficiency Index (CPI). This information does NOT appear in the manual accompanying the test.

The second section of the book focuses on WAIS-IV use and interpretation with special clinical applications and populations, including with multicultural clients, in neuropsychological settings, with individuals experiencing psychological disorders, and with older adults. The editors and chapter authors have exclusive access to proprietary WAIS-IV data to run advanced analyses and provide information beyond what is offered in the WAIS-IV manual.

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Clinical psychologists, neuropsychologists, psychometricians.


Book information

  • Published: May 2010
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-375035-8

Table of Contents

Foreword by Alan S. Kaufman


Part I: The WAIS-IV: Development and Foundations

Chapter 1

WAIS-IV: Advances in the Assessment of Intelligence

Dian L. Coalson, Susan Engi Raiford, Donald H. Saklofske, and Lawrence G. Weiss


Chapter 2

Practical Issues in WAIS-IV Administration and Scoring

Susan Engi Raiford, Diane L. Coalson, Donald H. Saklofske, and Lawrence G. Weiss


Chapter 3

Theoretical, Empirical and Clinical Foundations of the WAIS-IV Index Scores

Lawrence G. Weiss, Donald H. Saklofske, Diane L. Coalson and Susan Engi Raiford


Part II: The WAIS-IV: Clinical Use and Interpretation in Context


Chapter 4

WAIS -IVInterpretation in Societal Context

Lawrence G. Weiss, Hsinyi Chen, Jossette G. Harris, James A. Holdnack, and Donald H. Saklofske


Chapter 5

WAIS-IV and the Flynn Effect

Xiaobin Zhou, Jianjun Zhu, and Jacques Gregoire


Chapter 6

WAIS-IV Use in Neuropsychological Assessment

Munro Cullum and Glenn Larrabee


Chapter 7

The Wechsler Intelligence Scales in the Assessment of Psychopathology

Gerald Goldstein and Donald H. Saklofske


Chapter 8

Do the WAIS-IV Tests Measure the Same Aspects of Cognitive Functioning in Adults Under and Over Age 65?

Timothy A. Salthouse and Donald H. Saklofske


Chapter 9

Using WAIS-IV with WMS-IV

James A. Holdnack and Lisa W. Drozdick